At present, about seven hundred Falun Dafa practitioners are being held illegally in the No.1 Women Forced Labor Camp located at 20, Jiangshuiquan Road, Jinan City, Shandong Province. Everyday, the guards subject the Dafa captives to various kinds of ordeals. The following are brief accounts of some of the criminal activities at the forced labor camp.

  1. For every new Dafa practitioner abducted, the camp would assign three or four "collaborators" (former practitioners who had been brainwashed and indoctrinated, and who have now turned against Dafa), to perform the brainwashing activities on the practitioner. First, the collaborators would approach the newcomer with a seemingly kind face and ask her to sign a statement renouncing Dafa practice. If the practitioner refused, then the collaborators would apply pressure by subjecting the person to various means of torture. A common form of torture is called "riding a pony," where the person is forced to squat in a certain posture, often for as long as eighteen hours without a break and not allowed to use the restroom. The practitioners could also be subjected to a session of grilling by different people, which may last for a few days and nights, during which the practitioner is not allowed to sleep. If the practitioner still refused to submit, then she would be beaten. One practitioner in her forties was beaten so severely that a vertebra on her spine was injured. She is now suffering from tremendous pain and can hardly walk. The camp has refused to allow her to receive treatment.
  2. Some practitioners newly admitted into the camp protested by refusing food and water. The guards then instructed the "collaborators" to force-feed them. After a month of such torture, one female practitioner was nearly killed. Fearing that they would be blamed for her death, the camp quickly released her. Nevertheless, forced-feeding still goes on in the camp.
  3. Dafa practitioners in the camp are often compelled to work for long hours, usually well beyond their physical limits. A normal working day is fifteen hours, starting at 5:30 in the morning and finishing at 11:00 at night, with three meal breaks in between. Anyone who fails to complete the day's assignment will have to stay behind and finish it, and often until two or three o'clock in the morning. By the time the practitioner goes back to the cell, very often there is more work awaiting her. Some chemical dyes used by the camp produce fumes that are damaging to the eyes and lungs. To save money, the camp has not given the practitioners any protective masks.
  4. The practitioners in the camp have not been given even the most basic human needs. Not only conversations between each other are not allowed, the practitioners are also restricted in the use of the lavatory. Under such adversity and suffering, the majority of the practitioners within this camp have still maintained their faith towards Dafa. They firmly believe that the world will come to understand Falun Gong and recognize the goodness of Dafa. The day when the entire truth will be revealed is drawing close. They are calling on the people of this world to awaken, even in the midst of their own suffering.