Dafa Practitioner's Son Loses Job

One month before her retirement, a Dafa practitioner was threatened by her work unit, "We will let you retire with full benefits only if you sign a statement to break away from Dafa; otherwise you will be fired without any benefits. In addition, we will send you to a brainwashing class." Her work unit then illegally fired her because she refused to stop practicing Falun Dafa. As a result, she was forced to leave home to avoid being forced into the brainwashing class. Since then, the police have constantly visited her home looking for her for more than a year. Her son answered the door every time when the police came and told them his mother was not at home. The police requested that her son find his mother for them, but the son refused to cooperate. The police put pressure on the son's work unit, threatening that if he could not find his mother, he should be fired from work. As a result, the son was fired and lost his job.

Husband of a Dafa Practitioner Forced to Request Divorce

A Dafa practitioner was forced to leave her home in order to avoid persecution. Even as a police officer, her husband could not avoid being affected. His boss started to threaten him, "If your wife does not give up practicing Falun Gong, you will not have a future here. You may even lose this job." Actually the husband was a very honest and nice person and who had won awards for his hard work. There wasn't any problem between the husband and wife. However, under the pressure of losing his job, the husband was forced to apply for divorce at the local court. Later the husband secretly met with his wife and told her, "You have to wait for me even if we are divorced. I promise I will marry you again once Falun Gong is redressed. I can apply for the divorce, but you should not. Even if I apply, you should not agree to the divorce." More than one year later, near the 2002 Chinese New Year, his boss is still asking the husband whether he is divorced or not.

Police Request Divorce

A Beijing Dafa practitioner was firm in cultivating Dafa. The police constantly visited her home and harassed her. Around the 2002 Chinese New Year, the police started a new round of persecution under the orders of Jiang-Luo's gang. Since the practitioner was forced to leave home, the police found her husband and requested that he locate his wife for them. They even put pressure on his work unit. Under the pressure, his boss at work talked with him, "We all know you are a decent person and work very hard. However, your wife's problem has affected our whole work unit. I don't care how you handle it, as long as the police do not cause trouble for our work unit." Unintentionally, the husband said he had no idea how to handle the problem other than getting a divorce. As a result, the police learned about it and called him on the same day, "Have you applied for the divorce yet?" Like this, another good family was broken up.