To Forced Labor Camp Leaders:

My name is Fu Yongchen, husband of Lou Yan. I know the exact state of her health. Last year, the report released after her examination in Zhenyang revealed that in two separate places on her vertebrae there were fractures that would handicap her for life.

On February 2, 20002, Songsantai Police Station seized and held Lou Yan at the detention center. Believing in her own innocence, Lou Yan protested by going on a hunger strike during detention. The police then forced her into handcuffs and shackles. For more than a week she was brutally beaten numerous times by the criminal prisoners and then sent to a labor camp. At that time Lou Yan was already unconscious, and the labor camp refused to take her. She was then sent to the Tiexi Number Two Hospital and declared as having "no illnesses." Therefore, the labor camp could no longer refuse to admit her. From that time onwards, the labor camp gave medical treatment to Lou Yan. However, her condition deteriorated very badly. She could not eat or drink for two weeks and continued to vomit blood. Her life is in danger. As Lou Yan's husband, I demand her immediate release.

Fu Yongchen

February 16, 2002