(Clearwisdom.net) We live in a relatively poor mountain area in Hebei Province. With the introduction of Falun Dafa our town began to be known as "Happy Village." However, since Jiang started to persecute Falun Dafa, it has become a dark village where evil runs amuck. Acting within our legal rights, we have been to the Appeals Office in the State Department and have also appealed on Tiananmen Square several times, but each time, we were taken into custody, jailed, fined, severely beaten and sent back to our hometown. Some practitioners have been jailed long-term. To this date, there are more than 90 Falun Dafa practitioners from our area who are still missing or in jail.

Family members of the jailed practitioners are often implicated and harassed. Under such inhumane persecution, many practitioners cannot go home, they don't even have a place to eat or sleep. The Spring Festival is a traditional time for family reunions for Chinese people, but under the persecution led by Jiang and his accomplices, some Falun Dafa practitioners in our area are forced to sleep in the snow.

Right before the Spring Festival, the police began another illegal round up of Falun Dafa practitioners, especially those practitioners who were distributing truth-clarifying flyers. Once they were arrested, they would suffer severe beatings and illegal long-term detention. Li Bing, the chief of the local police station joined forces with his assistant chief, Ma Jun, to lead the entire crew of policemen to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners. Like bandits they plundered and "inspected" practitioners' homes. If they found any materials related to Dafa they would fine, illegally detain and cordon off the house with police tape. Li Bing even boasted that whoever is seen practicing Falun Gong in the future will end up in even worse shape. Since it's very difficult to get Dafa materials in our area, a practitioner tried to protect the flyers he had, and he was kicked in the lower abdominal area by the assistant chief and was unable to breathe for quite a while. The other policemen, as soon as the chief Li Bing would give the word, frenziedly beat, plunder and steal. Even non-practitioners can't stand watching the scene. A woman in her 30's said after watching it, "You aren't police. You aren't even human. Who of you doesn't have parents or children? You will receive retribution as a result of this." For these words, this kind-hearted woman was taken to the police station and illegally detained for more than 30 hours and also severely beaten. Right before she was released, she was warned that if she did not behave, that is if she spoke up for Falun Gong again, she would surely be punished. The police brutalize not only Falun Dafa practitioners who only want to be good people by practicing truth, compassion and tolerance, but also kind-hearted, sympathetic common folks like this woman.

Li Bing has also taken advantage of his position of power by asking for bribes from the families of the arrested Dafa practitioners. He tells them that he can only release their family member when they give him money, otherwise they can forget about it. He also sends practitioners to the detention center. He has accumulated more than 20,000 Yuan from Dafa practitioners. Practitioners, having been forced out of their homes and jobs by the persecution over the last couple of years, now don't even have enough to eat. How do they have money for him? He's doing all he can to persecute Dafa practitioners.

We as Falun Dafa practitioners, no matter what difficulty we are facing, should persist in clarifying the truth to give people an opportunity to truly recognize Falun Dafa, to know the fundamental great law of the universe.