(Clearwisdom.net) For a long time, I have been thinking about how to better clarify the truth. Should I talk from a high level or a low level? Why have many practitioners in China talked to the police from a very high level and met with acceptance and agreement? Why did many people have arguments with some practitioners and could not be convinced?

One day, I suddenly came to a deeper understanding about the current difficult, complicated situation of Fa rectification. I was suddenly enlightened to the question of how to better clarify the truth. We clarify the truth to a person because we treasure his life! We unselfishly wish the best for him without wanting anything in return. In order to save his precious life, we must clarify the truth to him with firm and pure righteous minds before it is too late. It is just this simple. There is no place for competitive mentalities or showing off. It is also not about logical inference and convincing proofs. When a person opens his heart, everyone would recognize the truth being presented. This is why the words of many practitioners in China who were not well educated could change people's hearts. It was not that their words were so perfect and acceptable from an everyday person's point of view. It was their firm resolve to save all sentient beings with benevolence that was the reason for the wonderful results. The composition of words is very important, but their inner meaning and the heart of the speaker are even more crucial. When we purely, completely consider others out of benevolence, wisdom just comes naturally. The words we say in this situation would be more benevolent than those formed with human techniques, and they would better meet the need of the audience.

In order to save a person, our understanding and xinxing [mind-nature] must first jump out of humanness. Our ways of thinking and main points should no longer be limited by modern people's logical inference and arguments. Although gods and Buddhas speak the human language when saving people, their hearts are not among everyday people, so they would not loathe, blame, or quibble over minor matters with people, nor would they develop any selfish attitude or dig into a bull's horn of logic or minor details. When we clarify the truth to people out of pure benevolence and for their sake, we would not feel like we were finishing a task for someone else, care about personal losses or gains, any malicious misunderstandings, fatigue, or what we have borne for others. Think more about how Teacher has been treating everyone of us, and how he cared and protected us to come this far. Think about how many "lords and kings of cosmic systems at different levels -- out of compassion for sentient beings and in order to attain the Fa at this moment in time when the Fa rectifies the cosmos and thereby save the beings that they represent -- fully experienced the hardships of history and endured disgrace and dishonor by coming down to the human world. Upon entering the three realms they became lost in the mortal world, and exhaustively suffered the mistreatment of low-level beings in the three realms, and in order to survive, they also created innumerable quantities of karma," [from "Make the Best Use of Time to Clarify the Truth to the Precious Chinese People" by Clearwisdom Editors], yet some of them have not attained the Fa. They have been deceived and polluted by the evil lies. We must and will, out of the compassion of cultivators, do better and better on the most important matter of clarifying the truth in a short period of time.

Before the Fa-rectification period is over, saving even one life has extraordinary significance. The "Great Consummation" of cultivation during Fa-rectification is not like any traditional meaning of the consummation of self-cultivation, but it means to fully save our own sentient beings. We had made promises to these beings, who have complete confidence in us and are earnestly waiting for their lords and kings who attained the Fa in the Three Realms. We must help Teacher to save those lords and kings who are facing great danger because they do not yet know the truth.