(Clearwisdom.net) One fellow practitioner who was recently forced to leave his home due to persecution has been doing important Fa-rectification work. He was doing quite well for a period of time. As a result, he started to put on an air of self-satisfaction. When other practitioners saw his problem and pointed it out to him, he said, "I have left even my home behind. That means that I have given up everything, and I have neither selfishness nor the sense of self. I have surely met the standard already." As a result, he is unable to search for imperfections within himself and stubbornly holds onto his own ideas. He orders fellow practitioners around as if he were their boss and even forces practitioners to do certain things. When problems arise, he refuses to take responsibility for them and shifts the blame to others. He has totally forgotten that there is no room for "bosses" within Dafa. This practitioner's behavior has led to the lack of cooperation among other practitioners. Everyone keeps talking about searching inward. In reality, that is just their way of telling others to search inward, while they search for faults within others. The situation is getting more and more serious. He has caused conflicts among practitioners and behaves worse than an everyday person. If he keeps going down this path, he could easily bring tribulations to the entire group. Similar things have happened before, and we should learn from these lessons.

As a matter of fact, only when a person is able to eliminate the evil in the midst of persecution, safeguard Dafa with determination, improve oneself while performing Fa-rectification work, give up all attachments of everyday people and eliminate one's remaining karma, reach the realm of having neither selfishness nor the sense of self, and be able to pass the test between life and death during immense tribulations, can it be called "truly stepping forward from humanness." How can leaving one's home behind to do Fa-rectification work be called "truly stepping forward from humanness" by itself? Dafa cultivates a person's heart directly. Whether the Fa-rectification work that one does is big or small and in what form the work takes shape are arranged by Master Li based on a practitioner's specific situation. Regardless of how important or how much work a person does, if his xinxing cannot meet the standard, he will be unable to reach Consummation in the end. If we cannot use Dafa to judge our actions and be strict with ourselves, we might actually delay a large amount of Fa-rectification work that we are supposed to do and cause irrevocable losses. Certain practitioners improved very rapidly during the time when they were forced to leave their homes due to the persecution. However, after they returned home, their human thinking resurfaced once again. Thinking that one has met the standard already is in fact setting up roadblocks for his own improvement, which means that he is actually dropping in levels. If everyone is able to reach the realm of "truly stepping out of humanness" and displays it by quietly doing magnificent Fa-rectification work, then the evil will truly vanish on its own.

The above is a small personal understanding. I ask my fellow practitioners to point out anything inappropriate.