(Clearwisdom.net) On the evening of New Year's Eve, a Dafa practitioner went out to hang banners on the street. Suddenly there was a voice behind her asking, "What are you doing?" When this practitioner looked back, she saw a police officer. She raised the banner calmly showing it to him and said, "I am hanging this up." Then she spread the Fa to him. He was moved by the compassion of the practitioner and told her: "Hurry up and get back home. These two days the security is very tight and we are searching everywhere for Dafa practitioners. Please pay more attention to safety."

A Dafa practitioner spread the Fa to a taxi driver. He talked about how Dafa practitioners risked their lives to appeal in Beijing, having no fear of being put into prison and how they suffered all the brutal tortures, and told about saving money from food and personal spending to print out brochures and materials for clarifying the Fa. The driver was moved by the good deeds of the Dafa practitioners. When this practitioner was about to get out, the driver took out 50 Yuan and said, "Please take this money to the practitioners who make the materials. I know the amount is small but it shows my support to you."

In December 2001, a couple of Dafa practitioners were arrested because of making Dafa truth-clarifying materials. The police confiscated 10, 000-Yuan cash that Dafa practitioners had collected for materials. The wife's father does not practice; however, all of his children are Dafa practitioners. When he heard the money was confiscated, he felt very angry and went to the police department several times. At last, he got the money back. Everyone praised him, saying that he is incredible.

A Dafa practitioner was tortured to the point of death after being arrested by the police. The family was informed to take him back home from the hospital. His family members were not practitioners, but when they saw his wounds from the torture, they were irritated and admonished the police face to face: "Are you the people's police? You are bandits! You are hoodlums!" Then they went directly to the leader of the police department and demanded that he punish the perpetrators and reimburse the family for the medical expenses. The police department was afraid and complied with the demands. Later several perpetrators received their due punishment.

Xiaoyuan -- a Dafa practitioner from a city -- required herself to strictly hold to the standards for a cultivator. She got great support from her unit leader and colleagues and strongly verified Dafa. The unit leader told her, "I don't care whether you go to Beijing or not. If they let me be the leader, then I will. If they don't let me, then I won't. I totally support you."

One colleague went back home to visit his parents during the Spring Festival. When talking about Falun Gong, this colleague said, "The news from TV about Falun Gong is faked." His mother said, "It is very likely. It's like our neighbor who raised pigs but didn't make any money this year. However, because the leaders want to show some achievements, they lied to say that they gained several hundred thousand Yuan from raising pigs. Now the media is about to show a program about it. Another case is from the end of the Culture Revolution. An investigative group from England came and wanted to visit a well-known professor. The related department arranged a new apartment, and had a woman and child pretend to be his family in order to deceive the investigative group. This became a joke later."

My daughter chatted with old friends. Person A said, "A relative of mine practiced Falun Gong. It was good but then forbidden." Person B said, "Does she have the book, Zhuan Falun? I am very curious and have been looking forward to reading it for a long time. Could you borrow it for me?" My daughter said that all CCTV reports are faked. How come the little girl could sing after the emergency staff had to cut her trachea to rescue her? Person C took over, "It is said that sound is crystal clear!" Everyone laughed! Person D asked, "Why has Jiang's government fabricated the news?" Everyone answered with one voice, "No need to say, it is only a political ploy, for sure!"