1. Wang Shuquan, a messenger from a village in Liaoning province, had taken down some Falun Dafa posters. While he was having dinner that night, his hands began to ache so much that he couldn't even hold his bowl. Wang realized he was suffering retribution because of his wrongdoings. A relative immediately burned some incense and kneeled down saying, "It was his supervisor who told him to do it, he will not do it next time." Right away Wang's hands returned to normal.

2. A relative of a Dafa practitioner had helped him several times to get through troubles at his workplace. Afterwards, during a physical examination, the relative found that her gallstones were gone. Moreover, her liver problem and high blood sugar problem both vanished into thin air. Another relative, however, who is hostile towards Dafa, often gets sick and has continued to suffer from problems for the past two years. The first relative told him, "This is a warning about your antagonism towards Dafa!"