(1) Group the truth-clarifying materials from Clearwisdom.net all together, and then select one paragraph, some paragraphs or even the entire material according to our own needs and the situation and geographic location of the listeners. Frequently check the new information provided by Clearwisdom.net, and use the most appropriate words to reorganize the materials.

(2) The truth of the "self-immolation" event must be mentioned. It is like a powerful bomb against the evil. Once the listener accepts the truth of the event, he or she will definitely change their brainwashed mind.

(3) Use your heart to tell the truth. There will be a different effect if the sentence is said in a different state of mind and at a different time. It reflects the different understanding of the Fa in different cultivation periods, the different amount of effort put in and the different level of benevolence in the heart. If we are doing it completely for the sake of other people, what we say will penetrate to their conscience and to the depths of their heart. The words of Dafa disciples are sent with energy.

(4) " Let go of Self" ("Position") when you are telling the truth to people. When you have eliminated all interference and there is nothing but brightness in your heart, the evil will have no space to survive. The moment we are battling the evil, the moment we let go of all attachments completely, we are using the side of our true nature to rectify the Fa. The power and force are irresistible.