As the Fa-rectification continues to move forward, we are clarifying the truth to people and at the same time breaking away from our attachments and eliminating them according to requirements at different levels.

Over the more than two years of severe persecution, some practitioners have gone through the most inhumane torture. While in agony, they are looking forward to the end of their tribulations. I realized that it is a strong attachment and a pursuit at a certain level. It will cause our thoughts to become impure. It is a result of not having a profound understanding of the Fa. I realized that each and every being has different origins and characteristics. They carry different matters with them and have been reincarnated at different times. They were born into various environments and have created different amounts of karma. Therefore, the Dafa disciples today are cultivating in different environments and have different good or bad predestined relationships to deal with. No matter what we encounter today, or how harsh the environment is, we have to remember one thing - nothing is accidental. Facing our intricate backgrounds, Master has been taking great pains to help us. Master has been telling us from the beginning "to eliminate all the attachments." No matter what environment we find ourselves in, we have to remember what Master says in Deter Interference, "The Fa can reveal all attachments, the Fa can eradicate all evils, the Fa can expose and dispel all lies, and the Fa can strengthen righteous thoughts."

However long the Fa-rectification period will last, we ought to understand that it is the great benevolence of Master for the sentient beings that gives us time to save more people. I found that ever since Master gave explanations of the Plum Blossom Poem, Dafa disciples have acquired, to various degrees, an attachment of "Spring." Some even are looking forward to that time and intensifying the attachment. This will make our thoughts impure in clarifying the truth and adversely affect the outcome, depriving some people of the opportunity to be saved by Dafa. Some practitioners said that they were not attached to time, but whenever someone mentioned the time left for cultivation, they would go over to listen intently. There are also practitioners who look for hints about time while reading Master's new poems. Some practitioners also discuss this as a topic of conversation. It is obvious that we consciously or unconsciously have a certain type of attachment to time.

Here is my understanding of the attachment of time. In order to complete their goal of testing the practitioners, the old force has adopted every means imaginable from past and present to torture the Dafa practitioners. Whatever our attachment is, they would create a so-called test for that attachment. Master has written articles to tell us about it. On the other hand, thoughts have a material existence in other dimensions. The greater one's power is, the longer the thoughts exist. The attachment-induced matter is against the characteristics of the universe and thus heavy. The higher your level is, the larger the area covered by this kind of matter becomes, and the more impact it has on the beings and realms below you. If every attachment is a rope tied to shore, what would the rope woven together by Dafa practitioners be like? Even if Master were to end the Fa-rectification period today, wouldn't we still be held back by the matter created by our attachments? Haven't we tied ourselves up? The old force would create another "test" for all the Dafa disciples due to this attachment of time, thus slowing down Master's completion of the Fa-rectification process. Therefore, I think we should eliminate the attachment. In order to assist Master and complete the mission of Fa-rectification soon, we should be unselfish and "do without pursuit," keeping our hearts empty and our minds tranquil, which can only be attained and experienced in Dafa cultivation.

The above is my personal enlightenment. Please kindly give your comments.