(Clearwisdom Net) I am a Falun Dafa practitioner in Liaoning Province. Because I went to Beijing to appeal peacefully after July 20, 1999, the authorities illegally detained me for fifteen days and extorted from me RMB 2,000 yuan [the average monthly salary of an urban worker in China is 500 yuan]. Two policewomen even took money from me to pay for their pleasure seeking on the trip on which they forcibly escorted me back to my residence.

I bought a copy machine to print materials that tell the people the truth about Dafa. At 2am on October 29, 2000, over ten policemen broke into my home to search for the machine. They beat, cursed and shocked me with an electric baton because I refused to cooperate with them. After I lost consciousness due to their torture, they took me to a mental hospital.

In the mental hospital the policemen tied me to the bed with my arms and legs in a spread-eagled position so that they could give me injections without my consent and force-feed me medicine. Kanji Keri, along with others from the eighth division of the Anshan Police Department, came to the hospital in order to force me to hand over the copy machine, claiming they would never let me go out the gate of the mental hospital if I refused. They not only tortured me, but also detained my family members with me there. Sometimes my family members couldn't get anything to eat, but the doctors in the mental hospital did not allow them to go out for dinner. The doctors kept increasing the dose, and I was not going to be able to take the torture like this much longer. In order to be able to clarify the truth to the people about the persecution of the Falun Dafa by Jiang's regime, I took the risk of jumping from an upper floor to escape. Unfortunately I was injured. My lumbar vertebra were compressed and shattered, and my left leg was broken. My body shrank, and I became like a dwarf.

Witnessing my physical condition, my husband assumed I wouldn't be able to stand up again, but I told him, "It doesn't matter, because what I cultivate is the great Fa of the universe." Just as I said, within a month I started to stand up again and could take care of myself. Realizing the miracles and the greatness of Falun Dafa, my husband started to read Zhuan Falun, and twenty days later hung a banner reading "Falun Dafa Is Good" from a tree near our living place to validate Falun Dafa to the people. Later the police arrested him and illegally sentenced him to forced labor camp for two years so as to put pressure on me. In addition to this, the Songsan Police Station confiscated our cart, which was used by my three children (the eldest is nineteen, the youngster is nine) to make a living. Since the police station kept the cart, the three children had to roam the street for over a month, until our friends felt sorry for them and collected RMB 5,000 yuan to redeem the cart from the police.

On February 2, 2002, the Songsan Police Station abducted me and sent me to the First Forced Labor Camp in Anshan City. My physical condition was pretty bad, but policemen Yuan Hongbao, Fu Meng, Liu Jun and legal assistant Sun Haitang from the police station didn't care what my situation was. In the police car they kept threatening me, "Killing Falun Gong practitioners is no crime, and your death would be counted as suicide." They claimed they would throw me out of the car or poison me and count my death as a suicide. The forced labor camp requires that an inmate pass a physical examination before she is admitted. The four cops knew I surely could not pass such a physical exam and so had fabricated a medical record. In this way they sent me into the First Forced Labor Camp, where I was verbally and physically abused with all kinds of torture so severely that after seven days my life was in grave danger. The forced labor camp authorities were scared that I would die there and so they sent me home. As my husband had also been detained at the forced labor camp, they let him go home on a long parole to look after me. But just several days later, the local policemen Yuan Hongbao, Fu Meng, Liu Jun came to my house, and deceived my husband into taking a twenty minute trip with them on business, from which he has never returned home. I was told that after being abducted by those policemen, he was once more sent back to the forced labor camp, where he was tortured every day so that bruises covered his whole body. He is not allowed to see us, nor are we allowed to see him.

After a few days, the legal assistant came to my home again, and so I was forced to flee from home. Since then the cops have harassed my children every other day.

I call now upon all just governments, human rights organizations and compassionate people throughout the world to help my husband Fu Yongchen. His life is in danger. My family is only one of countless families suffering this persecution. Even while enduring such an evil persecution, we speak out to the people, "Falun Dafa is good! Please come to find out the truth of Falun Gong."


Written on March 19, 2002