I am a teacher at the Anhui Province Civil Engineering College. In late September 2000, I found there were two plainclothes policemen monitoring my home [apartment]. Under this situation, I could not return to my home and had to leave. With many difficulties, I returned to my home again in the middle of October 2000. Just when I stepped into my home, the person who was sent by my work unit to track me called me from my hometown. About ten minutes later, seven to eight security personnel including the section chief and the director of the Security Department from the college drove two cars to my home. They surrounded my home for three days.

On the third day afternoon, the director of the Security Department tricked me into opening the door, and then other security personnel rushed into my home. Three officials and up to eight security personnel pulled me up from the sofa before I could say anything, dragged me downstairs, forced me into a vehicle, and sent me directly to a female forced labor camp.

A guard named Wei in the female forced labor camp told me, "Because you practice Falun Gong, we arrested and detained you here. Because you practice Falun Gong, we will put you in a confinement cell, and because you practice Falun Gong, we will send you to a mental hospital."

In the winter of 2000, I was illegally detained in the female forced labor camp. Soon after I was put into the labor camp, I was imprisoned in a confinement cell about 4 square meters in size [about 36 square feet]. They assigned three strong prisoners to monitor me around the clock. They sat on me to prevent me from practicing Falun Gong. It was very cold in the winter. There was only a raised concrete platform about 10 inches above the floor to be used as a bed. I had to sit on the concrete bed until after midnight when they sent me a blanket. Half of the blanket was used for bedding and half used for covering. They took the blanket away before dawn. It was too cold to sleep during the night. From May to September 2001, I was put into a confinement cell again and spent 50 days in a mental hospital. I was chained on a bed with my arms and legs stretched out day and night. They did not allow my relatives to visit or write to me, nor did they not allow me to see other people. They stopped providing me with water to wash my face for over ten days. If I recited Hong Yin [Teacher's poem collection], prisoners would slap my face with the sole of a shoe, seal my face and head with tape, stuff my mouth with rags and nylon strings from the bathroom, or with tissue soaked in urine. They even stuffed my mouth with toliet tissue soaked with menstrual blood from the bathroom. The instructions the abusive police gave those prisoners were, "You must be strict. Otherwise, your score will be reduced and your detention terms will be extended. For those who are strict, your score will be increased and you will be released earlier." It was hottest in July. A new and smaller confinement cell was built. The bricks were still wet and the paint was still dripping. The floor still had debris from the construction. They cuffed me and locked me up in the cell. I was not allowed to sit and there was no place to sit. I could only squat on the door's threshold. When the guard suddenly opened the door, I often fell on my back. The cell is about three square meters in size. There was only a small window about 10 inches wide with iron mesh, a 40w light bulb, and a hole on the door for the guard to peek in. Guards intentionally covered the hole, so it felt like being in a steam box in the cell. Some policemen with a conscience had someone pour some cold water on the floor.

At the end of July I was locked up in the mental hospital. They forcibly gave me drugs, and shocked me with electric needles, which put me in a daze, and it felt like my head was wearing a big metal pan cover all the time. I felt fidgety and as if in a trance. The doctors and policemen all tried to force me to give in. One day, they locked me in a 150 square-meter bathhouse from that afternoon until the morning of second day. The bathhouse was filled with garbage. Only I was locked there and nobody paid attention, though I shouted loudly in the darkness at night. All the mosquitoes in the bathhouse came to bite me. All of my exposed skin was bitten over and over. My hands were cuffed behind my back. When I touched the exposed skin, my hand would be covered with blood. The nurses of the hospital were shocked when they saw me. Not long after they locked me in the bathhouse, I needed to use toilet. The police would not let me go. After I shouted for a long time, the second division chief ordered somebody to push me into a pigpen full of spider webs. The pigs were squealing, and the guard was shouting. The guard started to urge me to hurry up not even 5 minutes after they pushed me there. They just tried to torture me and made me suffer.

To protest the illegal arrest, I did not drink or eat anything for nearly ten days to peacefully appeal to the higher authorities and government. The director of the forced labor camp verbally abused and threatened me. On the tenth day of the hunger strike, which was in the middle of October, the vicious guards came in and sent me to the mental hospital again. The doctors in the hospital wanted to strip my cloths off and dress me in a patient uniform without specifying the "disease" or giving me any physical examinations. I am a Dafa practitioner, not a criminal, and I am not a patient. But the nurses pressed me onto a bed. They grabbed my hair and stripped my clothes off. The doctors cursed me while cutting my underwear with a pair of scissors. Then they tied me on a bed with my arms and legs stretched out, and shocked me with electric needles and an electric baton all over my body. The pain was beyond description. They force-fed me and injected me with medicine used for mentally ill patients even though I was not a patient. These drugs made me muddleheaded and uneasy. Since late October, I have been detained in the mental hospital. It has been over 130 days now. In the same way they had tried when I was detained there for 50 days last July 2000, the doctor in charge again tried to force me to give up my belief. Wang Li, a doctor in charge, abused me during my hunger strike. During this period, I went on hunger strike three times. The longest one lasted 21 days. Doctor Li said, "We are not afraid of you not eating. We have all the means." She also said, "If you go on another hunger strike, we will electrically shock you into unconsciousness." Hospitals are built for treating illness and saving lives, but here the Chinese ruling dictator used it as a tool to abuse innocent people.

Currently I am still being detained in the mental hospital along with patients suffering from mental diseases day and night. I don't know how long I will be detained here. The expense for hospitalization here is about 100 Yuan/day [500 Yuan is average monthly income in urban area of China]. The college is wasting the money earned by the students' families, while brutally abusing my body.