(Clearwisdom.net) The Public Security Bureau Hospital is supposed to be a place where criminals from jail or the detention center are treated, but now it is used as a place to detain and torture Dafa practitioners who have gone on a hunger strike and are in critical condition.

The persecution of Dafa practitioners in the Public Security Bureau hospital is more ruthless than the persecution in the jail. Here doctors and nurses specialize in the persecution of Dafa practitioners while police patrol the hallways. If a nurse says that someone is not cooperative a police officer will come at once with handcuffs, shackles, and electric batons. Police will beat the practitioner with a baton and then shackle him to a bed and leave him there until the next day. If the officer who put on the handcuffs does not come back, no one will remove the handcuffs. One practitioner was handcuffed to a bed for three days because the policeman who originally put on the handcuffs had forgotten the issue. The practitioner was set free only after the officer remembered days later. This caused the practitioner's arm to become numb on one side. That practitioner was sent here from Haidian Detention Center where he had been blinded in one eye by police. Because the practitioner refused to give his name to police, he has been in jail for more than half a year and will be held in jail for an indefinite term.

In the detention center the feeding tubes are removed after each force-feeding, but here the nurses leave the tubes in the Dafa practitioner's throat all the time. The tubes are thick and stiff, causing extreme pain in the throat, ears and even the face, making the victim unable to say even one word. Police also attack practitioners without any reason. Nurses sometimes acted as police. I saw one nurse handcuff a practitioner because she would not cooperate with the force-feeding. The nurse kept swearing, using every dirty word.

According to Master's teaching "...No matter what the situation is, do not cooperate with the evil's demands, orders, or what it instigates. If everyone does this the environment won't be this way." We realized we should not cooperate with their illegal demands. We refused blood and urine checks. We also refused the force-feeding and intravenous drip. Because the Dafa practitioners did not eat or drink for a long time their veins are hard to find. With little blood, their veins were fragile and their skin became easily swollen. Also, practitioners would usually pull out the needles, so the nurses asked the police to handle us. We kept sending forth righteous thoughts. As time went by, we realized that we had become receptive to their persecution. Isn't that the same as accepting the persecution from the old forces? We should not be jailed here, and we cannot be downhearted. Later we kept reciting Dafa articles, studying Dafa and sharing experiences. Because none of us cooperated, they handcuffed us to the beds for forced infusions. We shouted, "Falun Dafa is great," "Return the innocence of our teacher," "Return the innocence of Dafa." They then handcuffed Dafa practitioners one by one and beat us with electric batons. Police also turned on the blower in the basement to make noise, but they still could not cover our voices. The police had to give up finally.

I have a lingering fear of being hung up with handcuffs for a long time. In order to encourage me, a fellow practitioner said, "Before an incident happens, do not think about it. If it happens, do not be scared." I endured it and recited Hong Yin (Teacher's poems) over and over again. I told myself, "I am an open and dignified Dafa practitioner. I'll push back all the persecution forced upon me." The blower made unbearable noises, and my whole body was constrained. I really wanted to scratch my head because I had not been able to wash my hair for a long time and it itched terribly. I wanted to bend my knee for a while, but with my hands cuffed behind my back, thinking about the pain only made it more unbearable. So, we encouraged each other while lying on the beds. We realized that to keep silent is to acquiesce in the persecution. We shouted together, "Release us! We cannot accept it anymore!" The police ignored us, so we sent forth righteous thoughts together. At midnight, a relatively kind policeman saw on the monitor that I kept my eyes open and that my ankle was bleeding because the shackles had cut into my flesh. He opened the shackles for me. I came to understand that it is Dafa that empowered me. This persecution is not something that can be overcome by an ordinary human being's endurance.

Because the Dafa practitioners didn't cooperate with the hospital, the staff became annoyed and asked all the detention centers to take us back. They speak privately that it is incredible that Dafa practitioners can keep such a righteous mind in such a corrupted society.

I think that if we can recite Master Li's articles often, then we will have the guidance of Dafa anytime. One can break through any tribulation as long as it is viewed from the point of Dafa.

March 18, 2002