Reflecting on our past Fa spreading and truth clarifying experiences and summarizing the lessons, I felt that there are many areas we need to pay attention to and make improvements on. First, our doing Dafa work has to be based on a good understanding of the Fa, because it is practitioners, rather than ordinary people, who are doing Dafa work. Secondly, whenever we encounter any problem or conflict, we need to look inward to see if we ourselves have done something wrong. Especially if a truth-clarifying material storage center or practitioners involved in producing such material get into trouble, one must look to see if problems exist for the evil to take advantage of. Is it because of not having done sufficient Fa study, too strong an attachment, or is the content of the material inappropriate or unqualified? Also, one must understand very clearly one's responsibilities to Dafa and sentient beings, and be very serious in ensuring the quality of the truth clarifying materials. Otherwise it is easy for the evil to take advantage of the situation and harm Dafa and practitioners. Sentient beings, as a result, may lose their opportunities for being saved.

In addition, some practitioners like to focus on "new" topics. There were some good topics, truly effective in clarifying the truth, but practitioners failed to spend sufficient effort to spread the information to create a large exposure to the people. Instead, their efforts were diverted to working on newer topics as soon as they appear on the web. I believe that unless it is indeed necessary to separate the old from the new, it is more effective if we can combine them. In fact, if the content is good and effective in clarifying the truth, the impact can be large as long as everybody can read it. Content such as the truth of Dafa and the evil persecution against Dafa will never be outdated as long as the persecution is still ongoing. All that is needed is some minor modification to them so that they are correlated with current events or can address specific issues or confusion that people might have about Dafa.

Sure, new topics that target specifically the current plots of persecuting Dafa and its practitioners are needed. However, in the long run our main focus should not deviate from some fundamental issues such as the Jiang regime's attempts to confuse the world, stirring up the people's irrational emotions to resent Dafa, and covering up and distorting facts. If our truth clarifying material can resolve a few points of confusion that exist in some people's minds, the impact will be tremendous.

To create truth clarifying and Fa-spreading materials, one can collect and organize the cultivation experiences and truth clarifying materials written by practitioners on the web. This way all the important materials can be in one place. These materials include the persecution of practitioners that the practitioners experienced, heard, or saw; the steadfast belief and understanding coming from the bottom of practitioners' hearts, the benevolence that the practitioners have toward the sentient beings, and things that practitioners want to say to the sentient beings. If possible, it is ideal to have a moderately sized truth-clarifying package encompassing all things that we want to say that is easy to generate.

We will achieve new growth and understanding with the advance of our cultivation. We are all one body with the same goal. We are expected to continuously enrich and improve the truth clarifying materials so that we can perform better. Let's not let down Teacher and his painstaking, benevolent salvation of our lives.