Since I could not abandon many of my attachments, I willingly embraced a deviated interpretation of Dafa and was released from the Provincial Women Labor Camp ahead of schedule. After I returned home, fellow practitioners patiently explained how I had gone astray. I re-evaluated my deviation, having "enlightened" on an evil path, and realized that I had been misled and couldn't help myself out of it. I had done something a practitioner should never have done. I felt a deep shame that I let Dafa and our Teacher down. I also realized how serious my mistakes were. In order to make up for my mistakes and keep up with the path of the Fa-rectification process, I returned to my home village to clarify the truth.

After I came back from my home village and went to work for a few days, a traffic accident occurred. As I was riding a motorcycle, the rear bumper of a taxi that passed me closely hit my bike and I was thrown to the ground. I saw that my primordial spirit left my body. I also heard a gentle voice: "Don't be afraid, you will be okay. Your life is not endangered. Master has shouldered the burden for you. You have only borne some superficial tribulation. This is not regular karma cleansing, because in the labor camp you have done something a practitioner is not supposed to do. If you don't repent, you will not have any chance in cultivation. Anyone who attempts to damage Dafa is bound to go to hell. Therefore, I can eliminate your crime at the labor camp by using this."

After pausing a moment, the voice started again, "Look, mankind will suffer a great disaster in the near future." I began to see a horrific scene of a mountain collapsing and a powerful hurricane. Peoples' cries and pathetic voices for help could be heard throughout the universe. A moment later, I saw a figure levitating. Finally the voice said, "Tell everyone what you have seen and heard."

It took me six months to write this article. I feel sorry that I let our Teacher down.

It was the second day after when I awoke. The left side of my head and face were badly bruised and swollen, and I couldn't open my left eye. But I had no additional injuries and felt no pain, except for an empty feeling in my brain. Without any medical treatment, I returned to work after a day and a half of resting.

I am thankful of Teacher's compassion and salvation. I will travel every step along the right path in my future cultivation. I will use my own experience to persuade those trapped on the evil path. Please wake up now to catch up with the Fa-rectification process and return to your true homes.