(Clearwisdom.net) We are the family members of a military officer. Most of my family members obtained the Fa in 1995. Through several years of cultivation, we have learned that human beings should return to their original, true selves and should base their lives on improving their xinxing [mind and heart nature]. Moreover, people should comply with and assimilate to the characteristic of the universe, "Truth, Compassion, Forbearance."

In July 1999, Jiang's group began the persecution of Dafa, completely twisting the truth. As the family of a military officer, we are restricted by certain military rules. Our everyday life is under watch and our cultivation is interfered with. My mother-in-law is a practitioner. She is nearly 70 years old. She obtained the Fa in 1995. Before cultivation, she was afflicted by many difficult and serious illnesses. Her hands and feet were disabled, and she could not take care of herself. She suffered tremendous pain. After obtaining the Fa, she benefited physically and mentally and became completely freed of all her illnesses. At the end of 2000, the chief of a police station and some police officers came to our home a number of times. They threatened my mother-in-law and tried to force her to write the so-called "guarantee statement" and to give up cultivation. The chief of the police forced her to sign a pre-written guarantee letter. My mother-in-law understood the true meaning of life through cultivation, so even when her daughter was illegally detained many times, when her daughter-in-law endured tremendous psychological torture, being on the "long-term wanted by police" list, her determination never wavered.

My sister-in-law also endured tremendous tribulations during this rampant evil persecution. For more than two years from 1999 to 2001, she was illegally detained for so-called security reasons three times, and each detention was as long as half a year. She was forced to separate from her family for a long period of time and the factory where she worked cut off her salary and discharged her. She has a 13-year-old daughter. During the evil persecution, Jiang's tentacles reached for these innocent children as well. They forced every pupil in school to sign a document that slanders and defames Falun Gong. Such behavior is despicable. These lies will all be exposed one by one.

My husband used to work in a military office. His career was affected because we all practice Falun Gong. He was transferred from the office to a workshop, but even so, he was not allowed to work and his salary was cut off. He was forced to divorce me, and should he refuse, he would be discharged as well. The authorities installed tapping devices in our bedroom, living room and bathroom, and monitored our phone calls. My house was searched four times by police from provincial and municipal police departments. All these events have caused enormous mental torment to my family and other relatives.

I began Dafa cultivation in late 1995. I am a truck driver and often spend long periods of time on the road. In late 2000, the police department decided that I was "on the run and wanted by the police." Because my parents were divorced, my foster parents adopted me when I was two years old. I am their only child. Ever since the illegal persecution began, the police from the local police station often came to my home to interrogate us. Especially during holidays, they often came to my home to harass my parents. For more than two years, I was unable to go home and my parents had to endure the pain of having to be separated from me for a long time. In order to avoid arrest, I have been unable to go back to Changsha City [Hunan Province] to spend the Chinese New Year with my parents for the last three years. On August 28, 2001, I was illegally arrested by local police in a fellow practitioner's home. During my detention, they threatened and locked me in the same room with a male prisoner. I strongly protested this villainous action, and they had to stop as a result of my protest. On December 24, the district police department issued an "arrest warrant" against me, which I refused to sign. I completely denied the evil force's arrangements. To this day, I am still being illegally detained in the detention center.

There is nothing wrong in us practicing Falun Dafa, or in us telling people the heavenly principle that "Good will be rewarded with good, and evil with evil." What we are doing in Fa-rectification is to expose the evil. Our truth clarification is to validate Dafa with compassion and to awaken people's sense of justice and conscience. I hope all kind-hearted people will see the evil's true face.

Falun Dafa is the cultivation practice of the righteous Fa that is difficult to find even in a million years.