(Clearwisdom.net) I was an official in the State financial system, and a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Consulting Committee of a county in Hebei Province. It has been almost four years since I started practicing Falun Dafa in July 1997. Before that, I had spent several thousand Yuan [Yuan, Chinese currency, an average urban worker's annual income in China is about 5,000 Yuan] on medical expenses every year, even more than 10,000 Yuan some years. This was a huge financial burden for my family and my workplace. After I started practicing Falun Gong I became very healthy, both physically and mentally. At work I diligently fulfilled all my duties and responsibilities, and was highly complimented by my supervisors and colleagues.

In July 1999, the Chinese ruling regime started the persecution against Falun Gong. Falun Gong teaches people to be kind to others. To tell the government the truth and to fulfill my responsibility as a member of the Political Consulting Committee, to provide the government with public opinion, I went to Beijing to legally appeal for Dafa. In return, I suffered inhuman torture and severe persecution. After coming home, my membership in the Political Consulting Committee was annulled. Now I am forced to separate from my husband and also lost my job.

On July 19, 1999, all Falun Gong volunteer instructors in my county were arrested for no valid reason. We Falun Gong practitioners went to Beijing collectively to appeal for Dafa. Later, we were escorted back under police custody and detained in the county detention center. They forced us into a brainwashing class. After ten days, my work unit had me released on bail.

On September 4, 1999, I met with some other practitioners to share experiences and exchange thoughts. The police said that we were illegally gathering, therefore they imprisoned us at the detention center for over 40 days. Later, my workplace again had me released on bail. At work I was put under 24 hour monitoring and lost my personal freedom. The work unit leaders and my family members took turns trying to force me to write "the written repentance."[Statement of remorse for practicing Falun Gong, to give up Falun Gong, and to never again associate with those who practice, or go to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong]

On December 27, 1999, I finally broke through the strict monitoring by my work unit and my family, and once again went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa, to exercise my rights and to tell the government the truth about Falun Gong. Later, I was again arrested and escorted back in the custody of officers from the county police department. I was held in the detention center for eight months. During the detention, the county leaders often forced my husband to try and persuade me to give up my practice of Falun Gong. They also threatened that if I did not "repent," it would affect my child's admittance to high school. At that time, my child was just about to take the high school entrance test. The pressure from the government was so huge that my husband found it too hard to withstand. He finally proposed divorce. Therefore, since I remained firm with my belief and exercised every citizen's right to appeal, the government managed to break up my family.

In August 2000, because the County Party Committee and the County Government feared breaking the legal detention time limit, they again sent me back to my work unit to be continuously monitored on a 24-hour basis.

On the rainy evening of October 6, 2000, I headed to Beijing to appeal for Dafa for a third time. I was arrested in Tianjin. They sent me back to my work unit, but this time the unit contrived to have me forced out. Without my knowledge, they completed the procedure to transfer me to another workplace, but the new work unit refused to accept me because I would not give up my belief in Falun Gong. Over ten days later, under the pretense of helping me to complete the transfer, they deceived and lured me to the Huanghua Mental Hospital, where they forced me to undergo "treatment" for over half a year. In the mental hospital, the doctors injected me with powerful drugs. The injections caused my neck to stiffen and my tongue to become numb. My whole body felt weak and I felt anxious and restless, which damaged my health both physically and mentally. After a while, I decided that I would no longer cooperate with the vicious force. I began a hunger strike to protest. They then force-fed me through a tube inserted through my nose and down into my stomach. They used every way possible to torture me.

As a wife, I wish that I could give my husband meticulous care and warmth. As a mother, I wish that I could give my child maternal love. As a daughter, I wish that I could show my elderly and sickly parents my filial devotion. However, this senseless, unconstitutional persecution has deprived me of the freedom to be a good wife, a good mother and a good daughter!

Kind-hearted people, please think about it. What crimes have Dafa practitioners committed by telling people the truth and trying to awaken people's sense of justice and conscience even when suffering under the persecution? Actually, this is precisely the practitioners' benevolence. Kind-hearted people, I hope you will reach out your hands to help us!