Awakening of a Security Section Chief

Lao Bai is the security section chief of our company. Since Dafa practitioners frequently clarified the truth to him, he gradually realized that Falun Dafa is righteous and that Dafa practitioners are all good people. Accountant Zhang and her husband are both Dafa practitioners. Accountant Zhang went to Beijing to validate the Fa several times. Each time when the public security bureau arrested her and attempted to send her to a forced labor camp, Lao Bai arranged for her to "fail" the medical examination [required by the forced labor camp], which made the wicked police's plot end up in vain. One day, Zhang and her husband were at home. Police went to arrest them again. Neither of them opened the door. The police broke and entered through a window in their home and arrested the couple. After Lao Bai learned what happened, he overcame many difficulties to get accountant Zhang's husband out. He did a good deed for Dafa and chose a good future for himself.

A Good Manager

A Dafa practitioner who did temporary work for a certain company clarified the truth to every employee. He delivered CD's and truth-clarification material to everyone. Many people would often ask him if he had any new material. A clerical worker in the company's defense section reported the practitioner to the manager, saying that he should be stopped from distributing Dafa material since what he was doing was not good and had a bad influence. The manager said, "Why didn't he give me one of those CDs? How good he is. Where can we find more such people to employ? If you do not have anything to do, please go! If that practitioner runs into any trouble, I will ask you to take responsibility!"

I Obtain Dafa

After July 22, 1999, Falun Gong was criticized. My spouse and I really did not understand. Several friends of mine all practiced Falun Gong. They are all rare good people, totally different from what the TV programs say. Due to curiosity, I really wanted to read Zhuan Falun. After one year, I finally achieved this wish. When we read through this unrivalled wonderful work, we found what is taught in the book is to emphasize De (virtue), and how to become good and better people. There is nothing evil about this. Thus, in December 2000, we stepped into the practice without hesitation.

Awakening Police

During the Chinese Spring Festival, several practitioners in a city in northeast China hung banners along the highway at midnight. Two of them were arrested by police in a waiting police car. The police asked a Dafa practitioner: "You, old woman, why did you not stay at home? What are you doing bringing these youngsters out?" The Dafa practitioner replied in a righteous way, "I have come to save you, because the evil uses lies to make rumors and fabricate charges against Falun Gong. You and many innocent good people have been wrongfully deceived. If you believe the rumors and think Dafa is not good in your minds, and thus hate Dafa, when the truth of it is revealed, you will be weeded out. What we do is to expose the evil and awaken common people. It is in fact saving people and saving you. In order to save people, we have the courage to withstand being arrested and beaten."

The police did not say anything. The Dafa practitioners quietly looked at themselves and sent righteous thoughts simultaneously.

Soon, the police said, "Get out." When the practitioners ran several steps and stopped, the police had already driven the car away. These are several awakened policemen. They have a conscience and a sense of justice. This action will establish the foundation for a bright future in their lives. Treating Dafa practitioners kindly and respectfully will bring good rewards!