March 17th, 2002

( February 4th was "Falun Dafa Day" in Gansu Province. Falun Dafa practitioners in the Jinchang Area decided to establish their "Falun Dafa Day" on March 6th, designated on the Chinese calendar as "the Waking of Insects Day." They arranged various activities to follow in the process of Fa-rectification, and greet the imminent arrival of the phase of the Fa rectifying the human world.

On March 6th, 2002, golden and red banners were posted all over Yongchang County revealing the truth to the local people. TheYongchang County Committee, the government and the police were shocked upon seeing this. They sent out all local police to arrest Falun Dafa practitioners in the afternoon. They illegally searched Dafa practitioners' homes like bandits. Police came to a Falun Dafa practitioner's home with a warrant full of errors. This Falun Dafa practitioner condemned their savage criminal behavior with righteous words. We found that many Falun Dafa practitioners were arrested and their homes illegally searched.

Some police in Yongchang County treat the law as a game, and do whatever they want to do regardless of the law. Some police have committed countless crimes by persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners. One policeman received retribution, meeting a fiery death in an accident on Heqing Highway.

In the first week after the Falun Dafa Day, an inside source reports that more than 30 Falun Dafa practitioners were abducted in Yongchang County and an unknown number detained in all of in Jinchang City (though it is at least 5 according to a Minghui Net report on March 9). The evil persecution continues. We call on kindhearted officials and common folks: resist evil together, guard the righteous, and condemn the evil in Yongchang County, Jinchang City, which blindly follows Jiang and his regime. Make them stop persecuting Falun Dafa, release all detained Falun Dafa practitioners and return their personal belongings.

Facing these cruel incidents, which should not have happened to Falun Dafa practitioners to begin with, our hearts are very heavy. We ask from the bottom of our hearts, please do not let this happen again! Stop the persecution of "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance!" Kindhearted people in Jinchang region, these cultivators might be your friends and family, they might be your teachers and schoolmates. Even if they are strangers to you, please extend a hand to help them. Please do not be deceived by Jiang and his regime. Step forward to support justice and resist the evil together. Show your concern and help save the innocent people being tortured. Help them regain their freedom as soon as possible.

Responsible Organization phone numbers:

Jinchang City Police Department, switchboard, 86-935-8212070/86-935-8214288. Director, 86-935-8212422.

Jinchuan District Police Subdivision, Director, 86-935-8213993.

Jinchang City Smoke Abstinence Center, 86-935-8213036.

Jinchang City Detention Center, Director, 86-935-8213748.

Jinchang City State Security Bureau, Director, 86-935-8234536; Office, 86-935-8234531.

Yongchang County Police Subdivision, switch board, 86-935-7522407; Director, 86-935-7522670/7522407-ext.8001; Political Commissar, 86-935-7522175; Detention Center, 86-935-7522407-ext.8046; Jail, 86/935-7524274/7522407-ext.8091.