About 7 pm. on March 11, 2002, after I finished sending forth righteous thoughts and began preparing truth clarifying materials, I heard someone knocking on the door and calling me outside. I mistook the voice for my colleague from work coming to talk to me about some work issues. I opened the door and two plainclothes policemen pushed me into the room. They blocked me from going out the door. Later, two more policemen entered and said they were from the Municipal Police Station. They handcuffed me and put me into a police car. The car stopped in front of a restaurant near my home. Only one was left to monitor me, the others went inside for dinner.

My heart calmed down. I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate all the evil that persecuted me. They finished eating very quickly and drove me to where I lived. There were two policemen monitoring me originally. Then, the one on my left went to sit beside the driver, leaving the policeman on my right to monitor me. I enlightened it was Master who was allowing me to leave. I subsequently sent forth righteous thoughts for the evil not to hear or pay attention to me. I then moved my body close to the door and tried to open it with my left hand.

The door slightly opened without a sound. The policeman who sat in the front looked at me. I looked ahead as if nothing had happened. He turned to the front again. At this time, a car pulled up to the side of my house. As soon as the car stopped, I pushed open the door and rushed out. The policeman who sat by me grabbed my clothes. I broke free with just a wriggle. I ran to the residential area. The policeman who was following me was only one or two steps away. I kept running and they were not able to grab me.

I ran for several blocks and turned into a dead end street. When I looked back, nobody was following me. I jumped into a yard and listen for a while. No one continued to chase me. Both my hands were still handcuffed. I then sent forth righteous thoughts, asking Master to help open them. I pulled it apart with strength and my left hand became free. The handcuff was still on the right hand but I had freed my arms. I left the residential area and walked along the railroad tracks towards the city. When I was near a crossroad, I saw a police car nearby. Two people came out of the car and then went back inside. The dogs barked at them. I looked at my watch; it was passed 8 p.m. and getting dark. There was a village near the rail. I wanted to go through the village to avoid crossroad. The barking prompted me. I sent forth righteous thoughts for the dogs to stop barking and safely passed through the village without the barking of the dogs. For the second time, I experienced Master taking care of me. The evil was eliminated once again.

In the company of the stars, I walked for 7 hours and returned to the city. I thought of two things to do. First, I notified my fellow practitioners of my encounter. Second, I did not bring my personal contacts with me since my home was already controlled by the evil. I had to tell my fellow practitioners to stop contacting me. I knocked on the door of one of the fellow practitioners and went in. As soon as I sat down, the doorbell rang. It was early 3 a.m. in the morning, who would come at this hour? The fellow practitioner said that maybe you were outside in the open, but the plainclothes policeman was hiding nearby and found you. I waited for a while without opening the door. There was no sound. I quietly opened the door and sent righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil that were monitoring outside the door. With the help of a young fellow practitioner, I eliminated the evil at a neighbour's house once again.

"A Dafa disciple completely opposes everything arranged by the evil old forces." ("Dafa is Indestructible") I persevered in believing in Master and Dafa. The evil was unable to persecute me. I will continue to help Master rectify the Fa. With the care of Master, I once again broke away from the arrangement the old forces set for me and resumed melting into the force of Fa-rectification.