March 17, 2002


Sending forth righteous thoughts has now become the most powerful way to protect Dafa disciples and eliminate the evil that is causing the persecution. My sending forth righteous thoughts has proven its power during the evil forces' arresting, detaining and persecuting Dafa disciples. Based on personal experiences, I will briefly talk about the importance of sending forth righteous thoughts.

Until the end of the year 2001, I had not been paying much attention to sending forth righteous thoughts. When going out to distribute truth-clarifying materials, I failed to clean up the vicious elements in surrounding dimensions. As a result, I almost got caught by those who arrest Dafa practitioners while they are clarifying the truth.

One day last autumn, my mother and I went to a bookstore to distribute flyers. I went to the front of a stack of books, picked up a book and started to read. There were many people in the bookstore reading books at that time, and the storeowner was talking with someone. I thus did not pay much attention to them, took some flyers out of my pockets, and inserted them into different kinds of books. However, when I was about to insert the fourth flyer, my mother winked at me and we left. My mother told me later that, there might be plain-clothes men in the store. Plus, the storeowner looked at me from time to time when talking with others. If we had not left early enough, we could have been in danger. Things like that happened many times later, and I realized that distributing flyers was not so smooth and easy as I thought earlier and that I should regard it as a battle between the righteous and the evil. When we clarified the truth to the people, interference always arose. As Dafa disciples, we cannot agree on what the vicious forces have arranged. Thus, if we try and send forth righteous thoughts for five minutes before distributing truth-clarifying materials, the process of clarifying the truth will be very smooth.

Once my mother and I planned to go out again to distribute materials. This time, we were prepared, and sent forth righteous thoughts before going out. Thus, it went smoothly when we went through residential buildings and posted truth-clarifying posters, and nothing happened. However, when entering another residential building, I found that a young woman had started to follow us and she thus followed us to several buildings. Although not knowing if she had bad intentions or not, I immediately sent forth righteous thoughts, to disallow any evil to persecute my mother and me in any form with any excuse. Soon after that, the young woman left us quietly. I was very happy, since my righteous thoughts were so powerful.

Later in school, my teachers and classmates frequently defamed Dafa, I once again eradicated the vicious influences behind them using righteous thoughts. Until now, I had not deeply understood the effect of sending forth righteous thoughts. I think that sending forth righteous thoughts cannot be just limited to moments when being arrested or persecuted. What is even more important is to check ourselves and the surrounding environment and send forth righteous thoughts whenever possible. On things appearing trivial, if we fail to send forth righteous thoughts simply because they seem insignificant, the consequences can be noticeable. By doing that, it is the same as complying with the cruel arrangements of the old forces and reasonless persecution by the evil. In this way, we are conniving with the degraded beings that interfere during Fa-rectifying cultivation. As Dafa disciples, we need to place ourselves on the basis of the Fa at all times and leave nothing that the harmful influences can take advantage of. Never, ever forget we are cultivators, and when things come up, always make a decision based on the Fa principles. In addition, we need to send forth righteous thoughts at all times and under all circumstances. In this way, we can not only effectively suffocate the evil, but also save many innocent people and establish our mighty virtue.

Above are just understandings of mine, a 15-year-old. For places that were incorrect or improper, fellow practitioners please kindly point them out.