I am a Dafa practitioner who was illegally detained at the Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp for one year and ten months.

On February 18, 2000, due to sharing experiences on Fa study with other practitioners, I was illegally detained for one year. Because I firmly believe in "Truthfulness- Compassion-Tolerance," I was brutally tortured. Then my sentence was illegally extended for one more year. I was released on December 14, 2001 because my life was in danger due to the torture I suffered. I am going to tell the world about my experiences and the facts of what I saw and heard.

1. In May 2000, many of us went on a hunger strike because we were unjustly and illegally detained and, in addition, we were pressured to give up our beliefs. The labor camp staff resorted to force-feeding us. They forced tubes down our throats into our stomachs. Many times I was nearly suffocated to death. The head supervisor Yue Jun often used an electric baton to shock practitioners tied to the beds as they were being force-fed. The screaming was unbearable. Finally he called me over and shocked me with an electric baton for one hour. He said, "Did you say you want to practice? Practice then!" He forced me to hold on to the electric baton and said he wanted to take a good look at fire. This way, he shocked me and caused wounds all over my body. My face, neck, and arms were covered with large bruises. The pain was unbearable. Finally he tied me to a bed and continued to shock and strike me with the electric baton.

2. In order to reach the goal of "Forcing 100% [of the practitioners] to renounce Dafa," ordered from the top, team leader Zhang Guimei of the Number Four team pressured us strongly to break away from Dafa. One day in August 2000, she called me to the office and shocked me with two electric batons at the same time. She also forced me to grab the electric batons with me hands and shocked me that way for a long time. My whole face was distorted; my face was severely swollen; my eyes were so swollen that I could not open them and could not see things clearly. Finally she yelled, "Beat it!" Then she struck me severely a few times with the electric baton. The huge sores caused by the electric batons were dripping with my bodily fluid. I couldn't sleep that night because my whole face and body were in severe pain as if they were on fire. I could only sit on the bed and hold my face in my hands. After that incident, the vicious police officers treated me like that so many times that I can't even list them.

3. In September 2000, in order to force us to break away from Dafa, the cold-hearted police officers made those of us who refused to break away sit on the ground in full lotus position. Then they tied our hands behind our backs and did not allow us to make a move for eight hours each day. They did not even allow us to go to the bathroom. We were closely watched by the team leader and some selected inmates. Team Leader Li said whoever made a move would receive electric shocks. We were abused like this for three days in a row. Wu Xiuqin and Wang Xiufen were throwing up due to the pain, and both almost passed out. Even then they were not allowed to move. All of us had huge bruises on our legs and had great difficulty walking.

4. In October 2000, the labor camp set up a forced brainwashing class. Wang Xiufen was singled out for severe persecution. The heartless prison guards did not allow her to sleep and tortured her with many different methods. They would not give her a break because she did not promise to break away from Dafa. They stripped her naked and tied her on a platform made of two strips of wood. They shocked her with electric batons in obscene ways. Then they tried to force her to write statements to defame Dafa. However she said she would rather die than do this. During the Chinese New Year she tearfully took off her clothes and showed me the scars on her body.

5. In December 2000, a few of us who did not break away from Dafa were dragged into the office because we stopped the team from putting up posters that abused Master Li and Dafa. Many disciplinary guards surrounded us. Team leader Guan Wei, disciplinary guard Wang Jing and others came up together to kick and punch us. Guan used an electric baton to shock and beat us for a long time. They handcuffed our hands behind our backs and sealed our mouths with tape to prevent us from talking. Then Zhang Guimei continued to write banners that abused Master Li and Dafa. Then they taped the banners on us. They abused us for the whole afternoon and then locked up He Hua and Wu Xiuqin in a small room. The tiny room was very cold. Wu Xiuqin was sitting with her hands tied behind her back the whole time. When she came back half a month later, her hands and feet were swollen severely. Anyway, in the forced labor camp if you firmly persist in your beliefs, you will receive all kinds of tortures: electric shocks, physical and verbal abuses, sleep deprivation, being forced to sleep in a dead person's bed, being locked in small rooms, being handcuffed to the door, etc. When we questioned the guards and told them that they were committing crimes, their answer was: Orders came from the top and we have to do it this way; therefore it became the camp's policy.

There were so many incidents like this that they can't all be listed.

6. Towards the end of November 2000, we went on another hunger strike due to the illegal extension of our sentences and the ongoing persecution. Team leader Guan said, "If you think you can go home by going on a hunger strike, that is impossible." During our hunger strike, the labor camp intensified the persecution. They force-fed us twice a day. They inserted the tube regardless whether they managed to get any food down. Each time we felt we were suffocating, we would spit out large amounts of blood, and our noses bled continuously. Even then they would not leave us alone. They would attempt four, five times in a row until they finally forced the tube into us.

On the eleventh day of my hunger strike, the police officers sent me to the police hospital. In the car were disciplinary guards, a doctor, and staff from the forced labor camp. On the way to the hospital, there was always someone threatening me: "You think the labor camp is bad, try the police hospital! We have all kinds of tricks to settle you! No one can withstand them. What about Wang Kefei? She could not take it either." When I arrived at the police hospital, I briefly saw Wang Kefei. We did not have a chance to talk before the guards took her back to the labor camp. According to the patient in the room, the guards handcuffed Wang Kefei on the bed. Then they inserted a tube into her urethra, which caused her extreme pain. The tube had a leak and the bed was completely wet. It was really like what the disciplinary guard had said: these things were not done to treat illness, but as further means of torture and persecution. They cuffed my hands and feet to the bed so that I couldn't move. They inserted a very thick tube into my stomach and did not take it out. They inserted a tube into my urethra; the pain was unbearable. There was no one there to attend to me. They only force-fed me twice after I arrived at the hospital but the tube inserted into my stomach was always there. It pressed on me so that I could not breathe. I really felt that I was about to die. I was tortured like this until they realized that my life was in danger. They then let me off the bed.

Later on when I found out that Wang Kefei had been tortured to death, my heart could not rest for a long time. This decent person was tortured to death because of believing in "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance." There is really no law in the human world! The crimes of vicious police officers, torturing and beating Dafa practitioners to death, cannot be denied! Exposing the evil is done to save the people in the world! At the same time, we righteously tell all the involved people at the Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp to immediately stop persecuting Dafa practitioners. This is also being responsible for your own lives.