News from China - At about 7:00 p.m. on March 5, 2002, righteous people broadcasted the truth clarifying programs entitled, "Self-Immolation or Deceit?" and "Falun Dafa Spreads All Over the World" through cable TV in Songyuan City, Jilin Province. It generated great impact among the public and effectively deterred the evil. The local government immediately gathered the police and surrounded the TV station. Afterwards, they held consecutive meetings to arrange large-scale arrests. Anyone who was known to practice Falun Gong had his home searched and if Dafa materials were found, the practitioner was arrested on the spot and would not be released until a written pledge denouncing Falun Gong was given.

Currently, there are uniform and plainclothes police officers all over the streets. Some taxi drivers are also recruited to serve as informants. It is said that the evil forces now focus on the communication systems and particularly search people with handbags. Right now, many local practitioners are being arrested. Four more practitioners from out of town have also been arrested. Over 10 practitioners were arrested in one day. The exact number is not clear right now. We hope practitioners who read this news send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil.