By Zhishui

( During the process of Fa-rectification, to fulfill their oaths of validating Dafa and saving all beings, Dafa practitioners have done a lot of work, each according to his or her capabilities and strong points. This is the result of our persistence in breaking through difficulties, our compassion for all beings, and our firmness in assisting Master in Fa-rectification.

As the process of Fa-rectification speeds up, more and more human beings who were deceived by the lies of the evil forces have learned the truth about Dafa and have therefore been saved from the possibility of being destroyed by the old forces. This is the result of Master rectifying the Fa, of beings and gods at various levels participating in the Fa rectification process, and also of Dafa disciples validating Dafa among ordinary people, making use of the principles of this human world.

However, some Dafa practitioners hold certain notions that sometimes stop them from doing more Dafa work. They might think, "I'm not familiar with this area. I don't know how to do this; therefore I can't do anything." These notions have prevented us from doing a lot of work that should have been done and could be done. What would happen if all Dafa practitioners thought this way? On the other hand, what would the result be if everyone were to take the initiative to look for Dafa work to do and learn the skills and technicalities necessary to do it well? I believe many Dafa practitioners who are shouldering important responsibilities for Dafa work have been through such a learning process. The environment is created by us. We also need to learn everyday people's skills and knowledge in order to do Dafa work well. Through our cultivation Dafa has given us higher-level wisdom, and we must utilize this wisdom to validate Dafa and save beings.

There are all kinds of Dafa work, and we do not have to wait until someone tells us what to do. But some practitioners seem to have the attitude: "I can't do anything since I don't know how," or "This is the type of work that so and so should be doing." On the surface, this seems like just an ordinary people's notion that one cannot break through, but actually it is very often the result of direct interference from the old forces trying to stop the Fa rectification process. We must keep very strong righteous thoughts to break through this interference.

I have written this article to draw fellow practitioners' attention to this issue.