March 23, 2002


Frontal panorama of the square in front of the United Nations Building Rear panorama of the square Left corner of the square
Clarifying the truth to United Nations staff Right side of the square Clarifying the truth to a professor leading a delegation

Group practice

Calling for the end of the persecution Sending forth righteous thoughts

March 22, 2002 report from the square of the United Nations Building, Geneva:

"Stop the Killing! Rescue the Practitioners Being Persecuted in China" was the purpose for the hunger strike being held by 700 Falun Gong practitioners on the square in front of the United Nations Building. They are from all areas of the world, calling on the international community to exert pressure on Beijing to stop the persecution.

The second day of the hunger strike started on 9 a.m. yesterday. The weather forecast a few days ago said that it would rain throughout the week. However, since the parade on March 20, 2002, the weather in Geneva has been pleasant due to the powerful righteous thoughts of the Falun Gong practitioners.

Over 700 Falun Gong practitioners from all areas of the world gathered on the square as they did the day before, held up banners, had group practice, studied the Fa and sent forth righteous thoughts. The serene, righteous and powerful environment was felt throughout Geneva and helped each practitioner to improve.

Anyone, be he a passerby or United Nations officer having a walk outside during break was touched by the sincerity and compassion of the Dafa practitioners.