On March 6, 2002, Changchun Nanguan District Court illegally sentenced thirteen kidnapped practitioners. On that day, under those thirteen practitioners' strong righteous thoughts, the trial was revealed to everyone present to be a sham. Thirteen practitioners have risked their lives to validate Dafa with their upright conduct. They need immediate help from everyone's righteous thoughts.

At 8:00 a.m. on March 6, policemen stood in line along the road outside of the Nanguan district court, as though the court were getting ready to try very dangerous criminals. Each family of the practitioners on trial received only one "auditing ticket," and only one person from each family could enter the court. Before entering the court, one had to show his or her identification card, leave cellular phones and pagers outside the court, and submit to being body searched. The only people other than the practitioners' families in attendance were personnel arranged by the court and the police department. There were individuals from the 610 Office and some unidentified people. This trial was simply not at all public.

The court opened about 8:30 a.m. The judge, Sun Tianqin, and the prosecutor "questioned" the practitioners about what specific things they had done. The practitioners said they clarified the truth to the public in order to restore the good name of Falun Dafa. They pointed out that the so-called crime of "obstructing the implementation of the law" could not be proven. They also told the court they were doing the most righteous thing and did not break the law.

After that, the prosecutor read the affidavits provided by the police department and said to have been signed by the practitioners. Several of the affidavits were identical, and it was obvious that these statements had simply been made up. When the judge asked the practitioners whether the statements complied with the facts, every practitioner said that these affidavits did not comply with the facts. Those "affidavits" had been obtained under torture, and the practitioners were forced to sign them without even knowing what had been written on the paper. Practitioner Yang Guang was tortured by being forced to sit in an electric chair and on top of broken beer bottles. Currently he is unable to walk without another person's help. Wang Juncheng was forced to sit in an electric chair and still has some signs of injury on his body. The practitioners requested that their bodies be examined for signs of torture, but the judge ignored them. Wang Hongge had two ribs broken, and his face was still swollen from beatings. Yang Feng's head was badly swollen from beatings. As evidence he had with him a picture taken when he was sent to Tiebei.

The practitioners' statements in their own defense were impassioned and spoken with rich, full voices. Every single word revealed their firm belief in Dafa and gave witness to the elevation of spirit one achieves through cultivating Dafa. Their words were very reasonable and convincing. However, when the practitioners stated how they were tortured or how they had been coerced to give false confessions, or how they had not violated any law, Judge Sun Tianqin would cut off their statements before they could finish speaking and even ordered the practitioners to be expelled from the courtroom.

When the practitioners were dragged out of the court, they firmly shouted out words attesting to the goodness of Dafa, the need to restore the reputation of Dafa and Teacher, and the evil of the persecution, strongly awing those who oppose Dafa and inspiring the rest of the practitioners. The practitioners' righteousness shamed the policemen into such anger that they beat the practitioners with crackling electric batons in public. Two practitioners were injured immediately by shocks from the batons.

The judge intended to continue the trial, but the practitioners stated that if all the practitioners on trial were not present, then none of them would answer any questions. Sun Tianqin had to call back the practitioners who had been dragged out of the courtroom.

The entire trial was a mockery of justice. A practitioner requested that the practitioners be released. Because of the request, the policemen dragged him out and beat him, injuring his legs. He returned supported by two other men and had great difficulties walking. The practitioners on trial did not cooperate with those persecuting them, so the evil policemen beat them several times in public. The courtroom became a private torture room, and the trial exposed Jiang's evil face. Even someone who had been arranged by the authorities to attend the trial said, "I have never seen a trial like this. If word gets out, the court will completely lose face."

Even more unjust was how unidentified people sitting in the audience ordered the policemen to stop the practitioners who were making statements. The law was simply cast aside.

The court not only persecuted the practitioners but also mistreated their families. Practitioner Yang Feng was too weak to stand up to talk due to cruel torture and long-term detention. When a policeman tried to drag him up by force, his wife who was sitting in the gallery said, "He could not stand up but then you forced him to do so - it's too ruthless." A couple of policemen then roughly dragged her out of the court. Yang Guang's wife was taken out also by force simply because she said one sentence. They even strictly restricted the practitioners' families' actions, not allowing them to go outside during the recess, and monitoring them even when they went to the bathroom. This kind of sham trial completely exposed the true nature of those who carry out this evil persecution.

The trial continued until 4:30 p.m. When the judge asked the practitioners to speak for the last time, every practitioner sternly said, "We are innocent. Restore our Master's good name. Restore Dafa's good name." They asked to be released unconditionally.

The judge, who knew that he had acted in an unjustifiable way, hurriedly ended the show trial.

Here is the list of thirteen practitioners who were in the court to validate Dafa with their righteous thoughts: Yang Guang, Liu Zhe, Zhang Chunyu, Wang Juncheng, Wang Hongge, Yang Feng, Zhang Yufeng (female), Bai Ye, Liu Shuang, Sun Changde, Lu Yan, Zheng Weidong, Zhang Shuqin (female).