Mar 18th, 2002

( In 2000, the Fangqiang Labor Camp selected some officers and sent them to the infamous Masanjia Labor Camp to learn how to torture and "reform" Dafa practitioners. They escalated the torture once they came back. Practitioners are tightly controlled and severely tortured by using the so called "three relations method" -- which means two inmates follow one practitioner even when they are using the toilet or cleaning up. Those inmates will accumulate merit points and have their terms shortened if this method works "well." Under the influence of this rule, Falun Gong practitioners are seriously tortured and deprived of their basic human rights. They are even denied the freedom to talk to each other.

In early April of 2001, practitioners in the 7th team went to the labor camp headquarters to protest this rule, but police incited some inmates to forcefully drag them away. Therefore, practitioner Xu Aihua protested by refusing to work, and thus he was brutally tortured. He was stripped and pressed down to the ground in the field, had dirt heaped onto his body and then dragged through the dirt as well. Another practitioner, Zhang Yulong, was slapped by some evil inmates until his face was swollen and deformed. Pan Rujing was beaten up and kicked because she refused to slander teacher and Dafa.

The police in the labor camp not only incite inmates to beat up practitioners, they themselves also directly participate in the torture. In order to force Xu Jun to give up his belief in Dafa, the police shocked him with electric batons.

In Fangqiang Labor Camp, the workload is very heavy. For example, for ditch digging, the assignment for every person is 5-6 m3 (cubic meters) of earth per day. For pesticide spraying, every person has to carry 30 Jin (measure of weight. 1 Pound = 0.9 Jin) of pesticide and walk 15 kilometers, which usually causes blisters all over one's feet after two days. In the 7th team, the officer intentionally assigns inmates to team with practitioners to carry dirt. The inmates take turns teaming with practitioners. If any of the practitioners get too tired, they will find an excuse to blame them, saying that they are too lazy and prohibiting them from sleeping at night as punishment. They detain Dafa practitioners from Jiangsu Province here and try to destroy the will of practitioners by physical torture. The eldest practitioner here is 70 years old, and he is still forced to participate in the intensive labor mentioned previously.

Some policemen violate the law. One time they searched for Teacher's articles from one practitioner in the 4th team. Two police, the director Li Xiaoxiang and the head of the team Wei Honghui, shocked him with electric batons for almost an hour, so that he had to be carried back. Later they became less vicious after practitioners carried out a hunger strike. One time when they showed a video clip slandering Falun Dafa, practitioner Wang Changhua switched the channel so that people would not be poisoned by the lies and rumors. As a result, Wei Honghui incited a team leader to get some hired thugs to beat up Wang Changhua for several days, which caused him to be unable to bend and walk.

During this vicious persecution, to protect and validate Dafa, practitioners in the 4th team handed in a letter proclaiming the goodness of Dafa and Teacher, and asking for the release of innocent practitioners and for the establishment of a normal cultivation environment. The police were all shocked and infuriated. They physically tortured these practitioners: Some were put in confinement as a punishment and shocked with six electric batons at one time. Some were electrically shocked in front of several hundred inmates. Practitioner Gan Yijun hit his head against the wall to protest. He collapsed but still was shocked with six batons. Who would imagine all these atrocities could happen today, which is supposed to be "the best period of time in Chinese history for human rights?"

In July 2001, in order to accomplish the "brainwashing" assignment from above, the labor camp selected the 2nd team as the "brainwashing site" and sent some so-called "experts" there. They selected people from every team who are good at "brainwashing." Some are violent while others put on a kind mask. Besides the usual beating, cursing, shocking with electric batons and deprivation of sleep, they also threaten, deceive and mislead practitioners. Every practitioner in the 2nd team was deprived of sleep. They were not allowed to sleep for one to two weeks, and were pushed to the edge of mental collapse. The perpetrators would first pretend to be nice and then threaten practitioners. They incited other inmates to act against practitioners. For example, one time, two practitioners chatted. The director Ji Hua slapped the inmate in front of everyone for not monitoring those practitioners well. Under the silent permission of secretary Yu Haiyong, director Ji Hua, and cell-head Wu Jianjun, a certain inmate often beat up practitioners. No one responded when practitioners appealed to the police. Those practitioners who realized that slandering Dafa is wrong and stated that all they had written in the past is void were immediately prohibited from sleeping and forced to be "brainwashed." If this did not work, the police would shock them with electric batons for a long time. The practitioners who are working can often hear the screaming of other practitioners as they are being tortured!

The inmates are so vicious because the police incite them and back them up. But who incites the police and backs them up? The police in the 2nd team said: "We got the order from higher up. We are responsible for other inmates' deaths, but no one is held responsible for the deaths of Falun Gong practitioners." It is apparent that Jiang's regime is inciting the crimes.

Fortunately, people have their kind side. Many policemen treat practitioners well secretly. Some guards like to hear the truth. This is truly fortunate for their own lives. We hope that they can keep up their righteousness and not follow Jiang's degenerate orders, thereby putting their own lives in danger.