(Clearwisdom.Net) Ms. Chi Yueling is a 49-year old Dafa practitioner from Jiangong Village, Township Commune. On February 10, 2002, village Party secretary Wang Shizhong and the local police broke into Ms. Chi's home and arrested her. Dafa practitioners He Lirong and Li Lei (16-year old daughter of Chi Yueling) were also arrested. One of Ms. Chi's relatives was also illegally detained for half a day. Later, her home was illegally searched. A color TV, VCD player, cassette recorder, and Dafa materials were all illegitimately confiscated. Ms. Chi and other Dafa practitioners were sent to the detention center that afternoon and are still there. While they were in the police station, Ms. He Lirong's hands were cuffed and Li Lei was handcuffed to the headboard of a bed. Moreover, Li Lei and Chi Yueling were cuffed with one set of handcuffs on their way to the detention center. On their way to the detention center, one of the policemen replied, "We cannot have a nice Chinese New Year if we do not send you to the detention center; bear with it."

Ms. Bai Yan is a 26-year old Dafa practitioner from Xinhong Village, Xinxing Township, Shuangcheng City. She had been working in Harbin City since March of 2001, and returned home to celebrate the New Year. She was planning to return to Harbin on February 17, but she was taken to a police car by force by 12 policemen. The police tortured and cursed at her. They asked her if she would continue to practice Falun Dafa. She replied that she would follow the principle of "Truthfulness, Benevolence, and Forbearance." Because of her determination, the police tortured her again for her brave words. She ripped up the interrogation records and the policemen became furious. With very thick clubs, they beat her on her thighs, head, and face. Then they tried to drag her up to the second floor by pulling her by her handcuffs and caused her wrists to bleed. They eventually got her up to the second floor by pulling her hair. She was beaten to the floor by four or five policemen and one of them even stomped on her head. After the torture, the police asked her to kneel down; Ms. Bai Yan refused. The police then took her shoes off by force and beat the soles of her feet with plastic tubes. The policemen were exhausted, but Bai Yan didn't give in. She was illegally sent to the detention center. Then she was illegally jailed for 15 days just because she said that she wanted to be a good person by following the principle of "Truthfulness, Benevolence, and Forbearance."

Dafa practitioner Wang Xiumei is a 39-year-old woman from Friendship Village, Lequn Township of Shuangcheng City. In 2001, she taught the elderly couple Xu Junwu and his wife Falun Gong at their home. The elderly couple's financial situation was very poor and they had heard that Falun Dafa was beneficial to one's health. They found Wang Xiumei to teach them the practice of Falun Dafa. On the third or fourth day, while they were practicing, the police from Lequn Police Station came to their house and arrested everyone present, and then sent them to the detention center. Xu Junwu and his wife were released after they were extorted of 1,400 Yuan. Dafa practitioner He was illegally imprisoned for four days and released only after he was extorted of 3,000 Yuan. Dafa practitioner Wang was imprisoned for eight days and was released after paying 1,700 Yuan. So far, Ms.Wang Xiumei has been jailed illegally for about 50 days. The police station was looking for so-called "evidence" to put her in the detention center.

Gao Guofeng is the sister-in-law of Zhang Shengfan, a disabled Dafa practitioner who died from torture and other mistreatment. On February 9, 2002, at around 10 PM, policemen from Redflag Police Station illegally broke into Gao Guofeng's home, and callously searched her place. They even searched the cold food storage area. The police took away VCD's and tapes containing truth- clarifying materials and other simple tools, which were used to make more materials. The police came again at around 4:00 PM on February 29th with more than 20 policemen, 3 police cars, and a van. They broke into the home of Gao Guofeng brandishing their guns and handcuffs. Failing to find her, the police took away the VCD player (worth about 880 Yuan) and a dual cassette player (worth about 800 Yuan). They also tried to enter the home of her neighbor but were turned away. Failing to find her, Zhang Guofu was furious and led a gang of policemen to search the homes of Gao's relatives, including the empty room of Mr. Zhang Shengfan, a Dafa practitioner who was killed by police under police custody after he was illegally arrested. (Note: The body of Zhang Shengfan was illegally cremated by the police on August 2, 2001; the authorities refused to give the ashes to the family and also refused to release autopsy results). Practitioner Gao Guofeng tried many times to clarify the truth to Zhang Guofu, and told him that what he was doing was illegal. But Zhang Guofu could not distinguish right from wrong, and is continuously trying to find and arrest Dafa practitioners.

Zhang Yulan is a 45-year old woman who practices Dafa. At 2:00 PM on September 20, 2001, village Party secretary Shan Changyou and security chief Fu Xia came to Zhang Yulan's home, and asked her to sign the "Guarantee Certificate." She did not cooperate. Then Detection Unit leader Li Shangyan and other people asked Zhang Yulan to sign the arrest certificate but they were refused by Zhang. They seized the Dafa books etc., and then sent Zhang Yulan and Du Guilian to Shuangcheng City detention center on September 21. In order to protest the unjust treatment, they began a hunger strike. On the fifth day of the hunger strike, Wujia Commune Police Station Zhao Yanping and Hou Bailin interrogated Zhang Yulan and asked her if she would continue to practice Dafa. She answered, "Yes!" They mentioned that the "610 Office"would not release anyone unless 3,000 Yuan was paid. Later Zhang Yulan contracted a high fever and heart disease, but the prison authority still refused to let her go. Later she also developed a bladder and uterus infection. The police were afraid that she had contracted serious diseases and sent her to the hospital for a check up. They reported the illness after the results were released. She is still in the detention center and has been illegally jailed for more than five months.

The people who are in charge of the prison are so inhumane that they do not care if the practitioners detained are alive or not. They will keep them in jail as long as they are breathing.