March 22, 2002

( To protest Jiang's order of "Killing without mercy" and to express support to fellow practitioners in China, Dafa practitioner Ha Jing held a 48-hour hunger strike across from the Edinburgh Chinese Consulate. Practitioners from other areas also came to support the practitioner's hunger strike. The practitioners had group practice and sent forth righteous thoughts at a scheduled time.

During the hunger strike, several media, including the eighth largest newspaper in Britain and local newspapers in Scotland came to interview and take photos.

Some passersby read the truth-clarifying posters attentively and some inquired about information concerning the appeal. Almost everyone was happy to accept truth-clarifying flyers. Even some Chinese coming out of the consulate accepted the truth-clarifying VCDs from practitioners' hands. Some kind-hearted British people stopped to ask how they could help and signed our appeal letter. Some said that they would write to Chinese leaders.