In a female forced labor camp in Northern China, practitioners newly transferred there were detained separately in cells. Each individual practitioner was monitored in a cell by a guard and every day, someone came to brainwash the practitioners. They also came to take care of the practitioner's needs. Their goal was to wear down practitioner's will using affection while the practitioners were in a harsh environment.

Practitioners whose attitudes were ambiguous remained in endless detention in their cells. Practitioners who were firm would be transferred from the cell to a larger room. An example of this ambiguity was when a practitioner in a cell said: "I'm near mental collapse." The evil grabbed hold of this loophole in her cultivation to further persecute her without end. Currently she has been detained in the cell for more than two months.

After this kind of torture, another practitioner firmly told the captain of the labor camp: "I am completely illiterate. "Even if you shoot me dead, I will still practice Falun Dafa. I can lift (buckets of) water or plant vegetables, but I cannot give up Falun Gong." She was released that afternoon.

Practitioners: keep a righteous mind! Do not allow the evil to take advantage of us, and eliminate the evil's persecution.