(Clearwisdom.net) Because I went to Beijing to appeal for the right to practice Falun Gong in October 2000, I was illegally sentenced to 2 years of forced labor education. I was sent to Masanjia Labor Camp. Here I have experienced and seen and heard too many despicable deeds of the wicked guards.

The personnel at Masanjia Labor Camp appear to warmly receive the practitioners when they are first kidnapped and brought there. For a while, the guards seem to care so much about the practitioners. They softly try to persuade us to give up practicing Falun Dafa. But if one does not listen to them, after a few days they turn completely ugly. Behind the scenes, the guards direct the collaborators to hit and beat, scold, apply pressure by depriving them of sleep, and torture the steadfast practitioners day and night.

They use the "Sandwiching" method on the persistent practitioners. That is, two people work on a practitioner to isolate her and prevent her from talking with others. If this has no effect, they discuss how to punish the practitioner with electric batons, handcuffs, hitting, and beating. They torture practitioners mentally and physically by denying them sleep and forcing them to "squat" for long periods of time. Practitioners are made to hold the squatting posture from 5:00 AM of one day to 2:30 the next morning. Meanwhile, practitioners are only allowed 2 hours of sleep or no sleep at all. Sometimes the practitioners are also forced to squat during meals. If the practitioners cannot maintain the squatting posture, they are hit and beaten. Due to the lack of normal sleep for a long time, some practitioners would doze off while "squatting."

After being tormented in such a way for more than a month, every practitioner detained at Masanjia was totally exhausted and many lost a lot of weight. Such "squatting" causes tremendous pain that defies description. It hurts like one is tearing a tendon or breaking a bone. Some people experience nerve damage; the legs become so numb that one cannot move. Some fell down when they tried to walk after squatting for a long time. Others have uncontrollable trembling because of the pain. On the surface, the guards did not appear to hit or scold people. But in reality, the slow torment was very difficult and harder to bear than even a severe beating.

The guards presented a fake nice face to the practitioners in front of others. But behind people's backs, they fiercely mistreated the practitioners who firmly believe in Falun Gong. One time, a guard pretended to take Ms. Zou Guirong to watch an educational videotape. Instead, four or five guards took Ms. Zou to a private room for punishment. They grabbed her hair and hit and kick her without mercy. Ms. Zou was beaten all over her body was bleeding on certain parts of her body. In order to prevent her crying out for help, they inhumanly forced an electric baton onto her mouth to shock and quiet her.

After the incident, they changed her clothes and washed off the bloodstains so as to hide the evidence of their ugly actions. The main guard arranged all of that punishment but pretended to know nothing about it. All the while she stayed in our dorm watching brainwashing videos with us so as to have an alibi. Back in the dorm, Ms. Zou was not able to get out of the bed and had to rest for a few days. When she woke up, her whole face was red and swollen. Due to the damage caused by previously having an electric baton used to shock her mouth, Ms. Zou had many big blisters inside the mouth. She could not speak or eat. After a few days, her face turned from red to rusty purple and her eyes puffed up so much she could hardly see. Ms. Zou's face was swollen and covered in purple-black bruises that made others feel heart-broken and sorry for her. In the Labor Camp, we could go to the restroom only at scheduled time periods, and had to line up and wait at the door for our turn. But they told Ms. Zou to avoid the crowd and go alone at a different time. The wicked guards tried to prevent Ms. Zou from being seen so that their ugly fake goodness would not be exposed or known.

On one occasion, Ms. Zou Guirong stopped the guards from swearing at Dafa and the Teacher. The guards then accused her of going insane. They called in seven or eight guards to snatch, grab, and hold Ms. Zou so as to inject her with a tranquilizer. Ms. Zou struggled hard to refuse it but in vain. In an incident as scary and terrifying as a scene in a horror movie, the bad guards injected doses of poison into her body. Due to her refusal to cooperate, the guards came up with many ideas to "take care of" her. They cuffed her hands to a chair so that Ms. Zou could not stand up. She had to sleep with both hands cuffed to the headboard. Her hands became swollen because of the long-time cuffing. She wore the handcuffs even during meals and when using the ladies room. Ms. Zou was mistreated in this way for over two weeks. Then she and some other firm practitioners were transferred to an unknown location. At that time, Ms. Zou had been illegally for 3 months past her original sentence.

In our building there was another practitioner, Ms. Li Xiupin who unwillingly stopped practicing Falun Gong under the violent pressure. But she awakened and started to practice again. Then the Camp guards slandered her by saying spirits had possessed her. Several guards took Ms. Li to a private room and hit her all over to "chase away the possessing spirit." One guard choked her neck so she couldn't breath, another one rode on her back while others hit her head and face, and others stabbed her with 2-inch stainless steel needles. They poked her body, foot arches, and palms randomly here and there. She was tortured to the brink of death and the wicked guards still kept shouting "Obey or not? We'll take care of you!" After the torment, Ms. Li Xiupin was disabled and bed-ridden for several days.

There have been too many criminal acts of the Camp guards at Masanjia to reveal and describe them all.

The most evil guards were praised as "the best" or "the most perfect" "advanced workers" on CCTV [the state-owned television station] or Focus Interviews controlled by Jiang and his accomplices. The broadcasts talked about how "nicely" they were treating the detained practitioners. As cultivators, we think of others in everything. We clarify the truth (for the good of others). We only want to say something a few fair words for Dafa. But then we are being persecuted and sent to the Labor Education Camps, while those crime-committing guards are held up as (glorious) examples.