(Clearwisdom.net) In June 2000, I was arrested because I went to Beijing to appeal. I was beaten several times and then forcibly sent to the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. Immediately after I arrived at the camp, Huang Haiyan, head of the No. 2 Female Brigade arranged to have some collaborators [former practitioners who had renounced their faith in Falun Gong after being tortured] brainwash me. She threatened and mocked me, saying, "You have to give up practicing Falun Gong within three days otherwise you will be beaten with a heavy stick and have a good opportunity to eliminate your karma." I refused to renounce my faith in the face of abuse by these traitors. On the evening of July 31, at 5:30PM, Huang Haiyan incited Yang Jianhong, a criminal inmate, to beat me. Yang grabbed my hair and beat me until her hands hurt. She then used the heel of her shoe, but because she was afraid that it would be damaged she turned to using a screwdriver. She continuously beat me with the screwdriver and said, "I am doing this for Huang, the leader of the team." The beatings lasted until 10:30PM. She was so tired that she started to punish me with exhausting drills. After five hours of beatings my entire body was covered with wounds and my skin was black and purple. The second day I began to expel blood in my stools.

The second morning while we were going through a drill, I shouted, "They beat me and now my body is covered with wounds. We Dafa practitioners are all good people. They say they enforce the law when in fact they violate the law." Before I finished my words, police threw themselves on me and covered my mouth. They dragged and pulled me upstairs where I saw Su Jing, the head of the labor camp. She said, "Who beat you? Who witnessed that?" and punished me by making me stand in the hallway.

At Masanjia, police torture Dafa practitioners both physically and mentally. For example, they deceive, publicly criticize, slander, threaten, confine and torture practitioners using cruel instruments. They also incriminate practitioners using fabricated "evidence," deprive them of sleep and deny them access to their family members. All these means were aimed at destroying practitioners' wills and forcing them to give up cultivation of Falun Dafa.

Dafa practitioner Lin Ping was punished by leader Qiu Ping with "half squats" [Squat down with legs apart and both arms raised forward parallel to the ground] that resulted in one of her toes losing any feeling. Qiu also shocked her for three hours with an electric baton to the point that her skin was burnt.

Squad leader Zhang Xiurong and a group of collaborators tortured Dafa practitioner Li Yanjun for three days and nights. Li was repeatedly beaten and shocked with an electric baton. As a result, Li had a bloody nose and swollen face, a very disturbing sight to witness.

Squad leader Zhang Xiurong, guard Yang Jianhong and a group of collaborators tortured practitioner Ge Chunling for more than twenty days in July 2000. She was not allowed to drink water, go to the toilet or go to bed, and had to assume the "half squat" position [Squat down with legs apart and both arms raised forward parallel to the ground] for 24 hours. In May 2001 she was put into the "Strictly Managed Brigade" where police didn't allow her to go to restroom for such a long time that it resulted in edema in her entire body, her heart rate slowing down (48 beats/min). She could barely move her arms and legs, yet she was still forced to do heavy labor.

A Dafa practitioner whose name is unknown was tortured for a long time. Wounds festered on her feet. She could barely walk and needed to support her body using her hands to walk against a wall. Despite her condition some police continued to use electric batons to shock the open wounds on her feet.

There are countless examples like these that I have mentioned. Cruel torture is common practice for the police of the No. 2 Female Brigade at the Masanjia Labor Camp.

The No. 2 Female Brigade at the Masanjia Labor Camp blocks all information regarding their persecution of Dafa practitioners. They intentionally portray various false images to the public in order to deceive them. They monitor all outbound and incoming mail. To prevent people from knowing about their evil deeds they deprive practitioners' of their right to meet with people, as well as their right of appeal.

On March 16 2001, reporters from Hong Kong paid a visit to the camp. The camp leaders and police blocked this news and sent practitioners to the Youth Brigade to "watch a movie." Their intention was to send away practitioners who remained steadfast in their faith so as to prevent anyone from revealing their evil deeds in front of reporters and officials. In doing so they could also report a so-called high "rate of transformation". Around 8:00AM, they sent about 400 to 500 people to the Youth Brigade and forced us to run and play some games for the whole morning. In the afternoon, they eventually played a movie that was barely visible. They didn't wrap up this farce until 5 o'clock in the evening.

To prepare for a visit of foreign reporters who would visit the labor camp on May 22 2001, police sent more than ten practitioners to other locations in April and announced to the rest of us, "if you keep practicing Falun Dafa, you will be labeled "counter-revolutionary" and you will be sentenced to life imprisonment and even the death penalty. We have now just sent off the first batch and you will be the next if you don't give up your cultivation." They also ordered each sub-brigade to intensify the persecution using whatever means necessary.

On May 8 2001 they suddenly announced to most of us practitioners that we should immediately collect our things and that we would be sent to Dabei Prison. They actually wanted to send practitioners to the "Strictly Managed Brigade" to hide us. Once there, we were not allowed to go downstairs at all and were forced to do labor or sit on a bench for 16 hours a day. Practitioners endured great physical and mental pain.

The above-mentioned incidents are only a small fraction of what I experienced and witnessed while I was detained at the No. 2 Female Brigade at the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. This is also only a tiny portion of the evil persecution, that which I experienced myself. If it wasn't for my personal experiences, I could never imagine that there was such a dark, cruel, indescribably horrific place in the world. Remarkably, the No. 2 Female Brigade at the Masanjia Labor Camp has received accolades from Jiang's regime.

I am writing this article to expose the lies of the evil forces and to awaken those people who have been deceived.