On March 16 at 7:45pm, Irish Practitioner Gerald O'Connor arrived at Dublin Airport on March 16, 2002. He was arrested after unfurling a Dafa banner on Tiananmen Square. He received a warm welcome from Irish practitioners.

Fellow practitioners welcome Gerald back to Ireland

At the airport Gerald gave a detailed account of his experience on Tiananmen Square. He arrived in Beijing on March 8 and held up a banner of "Falun Dafa Hao" and started shouting "Falun Dafa Hao." About 200 tourists witnessed his righteous feat. Many tried to snap a photo of him.

In just a few seconds Gerald was detained and dragged into a police car. The police started to beat him viciously in the car. He was then taken to a nearby detention center for questioning. In the next several hours, he was beaten viciously three times, and they confiscated his personal belongings. They often cursed and threatened him. He was taken to a room where the walls were covered with bloodstains. Apparently it was where they used to detain practitioners. Gerald said that the police beating him were all professional thugs. They went after body parts that were not easily seen. He was in great pain and suffered many internal injuries, but from the surface there were not many visible injuries.

After one night of beatings, the police deported him on March 16. He was not allowed to get his belongings, make phone calls or contact his embassy.

Gerald has come back safely, but the persecution is escalating in China. We call upon the international community and all kind people to stop the Jiang regime's criminal activities.