(Clearwisdom.net) Near the Wuchang No. 2 Bridge on the Changjiang River, a prison is holding approximately 40 Falun Gong practitioners in captivity. This is the Wuchang "610" Office's brainwashing class, which lawless officials from the Wuchang District of Wuhan City, Hubei Province have created specifically to torture Falun Gong practitioners. (The "610" office is an agency specifically created to persecuteáFalun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.)Carrying out Jiang's orders, the brainwashing class employed a team of "brainwashing specialists" and other thugs, actively persecuting practitioners who remain steadfast in their belief of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance." In the past years, countless Dafa practitioners have been illegally detained and persecuted here. Dafa practitioners Li Yingxiu (mother of Cai Mingtao) and Peng Min were tortured to death in this prison.

From the design of the prison cells to the implementation of the brainwashing process, the Wuchang "610" Office has used every means at their disposal. The rooms used to hold practitioners were built like solitary confinement cells in a prison. Each Dafa practitioner is detained in solitude in a small cell that never sees sunlight throughout the year. They are deprived of the basic rights of a human being. Not only are they being forced to pay a 900 Yuan monthly fee for "living expenses," (500 Yuan is the average urban income in China) they are also subjected to body searches, physical torture, or other punishments at any time by police and those running the class. The brainwashing class staff tortures Falun Gong practitioners mentally, physically, and economically. The Wuchang "610" Office has received many "awards" from the provincial and city governments for their "achievements" in persecuting Falun Gong. Many groups of people from other regions come and learn from their experiences of doing evil deeds.

The brainwashing class has totally violated the country's constitution and laws by holding Dafa practitioners in detention for an unlimited period of time without cause. A group of determined Falun Gong practitioners who refuse to give up their faith have been detained here for over a year. The head of the District "610" Office declared that unless Falun Gong practitioners are brainwashed, they will be locked up in the prison for ten or even twenty years. Furthermore, determined practitioners who have completed their detention terms in forced labor camps and still refuse to stop practicing Falun Gong are sent to this "610" Office's brainwashing class for persecution. On December 28, 2001, the Wuchang District police forced their way into the homes of 15 practitioners, illegally searched their homes and forcefully took these practitioners to the brainwashing classes.

The Wuchang "610" Office brainwashing class is another obvious piece of evidence of the criminal acts of Jiang and his followers in brutally persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. They have violated international conventions and trampled on the Chinese Constitution!

Below is a brief summary of the situation there:

  1. Falun Gong practitioners known to have been kidnapped for over a year:
  2. Li Youzhen, female, 63 years old, Minren St. resident, detained since Dec 2000

    Wang Hong, female, 52 years old, Minren St. resident, detained since Oct 2000

    Liu Lagu, female, 50 years old, Zhongnan St. resident, detained since Dec 2000

    Mao Fengxiu, female, 63 years old, Zhongnan St. resident, detained since Oct 2000

    Liu Bianqin, female, 45 years old, Ziyang St. resident, detained since Oct 2000

    Sun Yueji, female, 56 years old, Shuiguohu resident, detained since Aug 2000

    Zhang Chunyang, female, 56 years old, Shuiguohu resident, detained since Dec 2000

    Jiang Changlin, male, 37 years old, Shuiguohu resident, detained since Dec 2000

    Xiong Hanlian, female, 53 years old, Yangyuan St. resident, detained since Jan 2001

    Hu Xiaoling, female, 53 years old, Xinhe St. resident, detained since Oct 2000

    Ye Jianli, female, 40 years old, (address unknown), detained since Jan 2000

  3. Practitioners kidnapped and taken to the brainwashing class after being released from labor camps (most of these practitioners have been in detention for two years):
  4. Xia Guirong, female

    Zhou Yufen, female

    Shi Lei, male, Shenghe St. resident

    Yu Ganghai, male

    Yang Chen, male

    Chen Guangtian, male, Yangyuan St

    Zhou Xingchun, male

  5. Falun Gong practitioners kidnapped and put in brainwashing classes on December 28, 2001:
  6. Ma Qiuzhen, female, Xujiapeng St.

    Peng Xiangmei, female, Jiyuqiao St.

    Mao, female, Huanghelou St.

    Yan, female, Huanghelou St.

    Ms. Du, female, Ziyang St.

    Yang Fang, female, Zhongnan St.

    Wang Guijiao, female,

    Han Suhua, female,

    Li Zhaoren, male, director of a division in the provincial government

    There are a number other practitioners, further information is being gathered about their situation.

  7. List of criminals - organizers of Wuchang District "610" Office brainwashing class:
  8. Li Ming: Head of the Wuchang Political and Judiciary Committee, male, person directly responsible for establishing the brainwashing class

    Zhu: from Wuchang Bureau of Armed Forces, male, person responsible for organizing the brainwashing class

    Wu Fengbing: from Wuchang Institute of Law, male, brainwashing specialist

    Chen Hanfang: from Wuchang Office of Commerce, female, brainwashing specialist

    Xu Jingye: from Wuchang Bureau of Labour Resource, female, brainwashing specialist

    Ding Yao: from Wuchang Bureau of Price Management, male, brainwashing specialist

    Wan: from Wuchang Bureau of Housing & Land, male, brainwashing specialist

    Li: from Wuchang Office of Education, male, brainwashing specialist

    Huang: from Wuchang Office of Rule by Law, male, torturer, has viciously beaten many practitioners

    Zhou: police from Ziyang Street Police Station, male, torturer

    Zhang Jinxiu: from Zhonghua Street, female, brainwashing class worker, torturer

    Pan Rong: from Zhongnan Street, female, brainwashing class worker, torturer

    Li Hongfen: from City Council, female, brainwashing class worker, torturer

    Xie: employed by the brainwashing class, female, torturer

    Li Hanzhen: from Zhongnan Street, female, brainwashing class worker, torturer

    Li Dongjun: from Bureau of Transport, female, brainwashing class worker, torturer

    Wang: from Zhongnan Street, female, brainwashing class worker, torturer