French Republic
Guadeloupe Province
Town of Gourbeyre
Office of the Head of the Town

Gourbeyre, March 8, 2002


President of the Falun Dafa Association of Guadeloupe

Subject: The Practice of Falun Gong in China

Mr. President,

I have taken note of your file regarding the numerous persecutions against Falun Gong practitioners in the People's Republic of China, which occur daily.

I firmly condemn the persecution act of the Chinese authorities towards defenceless human beings who devote themselves to traditional exercises leading to them a physical and spiritual improvement.

In addition, I salute your struggle for the respect of human rights - to which all those who defend the democratic values of our society must take part in.

Please accept, Mr. President, my best wishes.


Head of Gourbeyre

1st Vice-President of the Regional Council