Shortly before July 20, 2000, in order to prevent me from going to Beijing to validate Dafa again, the police in my hometown locked me up in a local mental hospital. The chief of the local police station sent me there himself. I told the police chief and the doctor in charge, "Sending a perfectly healthy person to mental hospital is severe abuse. I will expose you as soon as I get out of here." The director said, "We are not abusing you at all," but he immediately refused when I requested, "Let me go then."

In the mental hospital, I was forced me to take drugs, orally and by injection, that damage the central nervous system. One day the female doctor in charge, two male doctors and even some of the patients all helped to tie me to a bed to be injected with the drugs. They said, "We don't care if you disobey us. We have enough manpower here to 'take care of you.'"

After the forced injection, all of a sudden I could not think clearly any more. I lost my balance when walking, my hands were shaking, and I began to drool and lost control of my tongue when talking. One of my family members came to visit me. I did my best to hold out and told him, "I am fine, but please tell the doctors not to force me to take any more drugs or injections." As I said it, I suddenly realized, "These thoughts are not impacted by the drugs. After all, I'm a practitioner. The drugs should not be able to control me at all." In one or two minutes, all the symptoms disappeared.

In the days that followed, they kept forcing me to receive an injection every day. The drugs would cause an ordinary person to have dementia, slow one's reflexes and lose one's balance. However, I remained perfectly normal after taking the drugs. I kept practicing the exercises, studying the Fa, spreading the Fa and clarifying the truth as usual. I even helped the janitors with cleaning. I knew very clearly that the drugs could have no impact on me.

Each day at the daily inspection the doctor in charge asked me in front of all the other patients, "How do you feel? Will you still go to Beijing?" Everyday my answer was, "Of course!"

The doctor realized that the drugs could not control me and that the detention could not change me at all. In the meantime, I kept spreading the Fa and clarifying the truth to everyone. Their attempt to "reform" me completely failed. One month later, they extorted about 4,000 Yuan for "hospital treatment fees" from my family and let me go.

After I returned home, I read Master's article "Rationality" and participated in a wider range of truth clarification activities.

My experience verified our Master's words about psychotropics (mind-altering drugs). He said he "disbelieve[s] that psychotropics could play this kind of role." (Clearwisdom Article from the Editors About Psychotropics)

Some fellow practitioners suggested that I write down my experience and share with others, but I thought it was so normal that there was nothing special about it. Now I realized such a "normal" and free feeling is because "you are completely in the Fa already." ("Lecture at the Great Lakes Conference in North America") I understand now that I should write down these experiences to eliminate the evil's arrangement, to suffocate the evil, and to break through the human shell. It is to validate the Fa and rectify the Fa.

March 9, 2002