(Clearwisdom.net) We don't know each other, but I want to tell you a few words from my heart. We all live in the same world and I would be the first to feel it inappropriate to ask for anything from you. However, I feel it is an entirely appropriate request for you to allow me to clarify the truth to you about Falun Dafa, because it is for your own sake, so that you will no longer be deceived by the lies and have a wonderful future.

We have no intention of forcing you to do anything for us after you know the truth. We only hope that after you know the truth, you will be able to distinguish between kindness and wickedness, and between righteousness and evil. Thus, you will not to do something unwittingly that is beyond the reach of your regret in the future. We hope at most that you can reveal the same truth to those you care about so that they too can have a wonderful future.

If you have established a certain social status or influence in society, I do not intend for you to turn against China or anything else by clarifying the truth to you. I only hope that you can know the truth itself so as to form your own independent, objective opinion about Falun Dafa. We don't seek your money or your resources at all except the conscience in your heart. You don't need to speak about it if it's not convenient. There is one exception you should know, however. If you have done something bad to Dafa, you must make amends for it in order to ensure your bright future.

You may be just a common person like me, with a family and a life and a job to maintain your standard of living. I do not expect you to learn Falun Dafa now or expect you to give me money for telling you the truth. I only hope that you are not deceived by the lies in your bustling life. Who would like to be deceived willfully by others?

If you are an unlucky person in life, come to know the truth. Truth can bring good fortune to you. It may not immediately bring good fortune by just knowing the truth itself. However, by being able to distinguish between right and wrong, and good and evil, your unfavorable situation can be improved in the near future. We offer our compassion and understanding of your situation, but we don't expect anything from you in return. Please believe there are many good people in the world and many people who are willingly to help you. I hope you can know more about the truth and make it through your difficult period.

Unless you are a person beyond my imagination, I don't think you could refuse to want to know the truth. If you think Falun Dafa is involved in politics, against the Party or society, you must be deceived.

Under any environment or situation, all Falun Dafa displays is goodness to human beings. Human beings can treat a practitioner badly but a practitioner will not treat them badly in return. Practitioners can and will never regard human beings as enemies.

Maybe while I try to let you know the truth, I am facing dangers beyond your imagination. Maybe someone already sacrificed himself for the possibility of letting you know the truth. Don't say you don't appreciate such sacrifice. It comes from precious compassion for the world and selfless concern toward others. Although life has many things that have no alternative, life is not just for its own sake, is it?

"So why do you go to Beijing or Tiananmen Square to appeal? Why go demonstrate in parades? Why clarify the truth? Why not simply forbear? Why leave your home without taking care of it? Why is the government against it? ..."

Please read the truth-clarifying materials. The clear answers are there for you. After you find out that you have been deceived by the government propaganda, I hope you do not feel angry. The purpose of revealing the truth is not to engender your hatred but to ensure that your future will be brighter and more hopeful.

Come to know more about the truth. We all can become righteous, healthy people and wonderful beings closer to "Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance."