February 19, 2002

(Clearwisdom.net) Jiang and his faction's senseless repression of Falun Gong has made all Dafa practitioners and their families suffer persecution to varying degrees. This kind of persecution is happening everywhere. I am only one of the hundreds of thousands of common people who have suffered.

After July 20, 1999, I went through some solemn pondering and I decided that I was still determined to practice Dafa. In 2000, I started to join the powerful current of Fa-rectification, and participated in truth-clarifying activities. As Jiang's regime escalated its cruel policy of repression and implication, my husband and other family members started obstructing me from doing truth-clarifying work. My husband was worried about the whole family getting entangled in trouble if I were to get arrested. He requested that I give up cultivation; otherwise, he would file for divorce. I told him that practitioners were being treated unjustly, and I had to do the work. If I did something specific that was wrong, he should point it out and I would fix it. But I could not give up cultivation; Falun Dafa is good. My husband said: "I cannot say that anything that you do is wrong, but Jiang does not allow it. You will interfere with our daughter's schooling, my work and my participation in the Party. I just won't let you practice." I refused all his requests based on the reason that no one should interfere with my individual beliefs. That is a person's most basic right. My husband filed for a divorce after we could not reconcile our differences after a few months. In the courtroom, I described my course of attaining the Fa, my change after attaining it and the evidence of the mental and physical benefits I obtain from it. My husband had no words to say. Even the judge did not say one word opposing Dafa. The judicial officer made one statement: "Why don't you just let her practice?" My husband said: "I can tolerate it, but what about our daughter? She teaches her Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance." I said in reply: "Do I teach wrong? Is Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance not good?" At this time, the court could not reach a decision. Later, my husband stubbornly persisted in his opinion; he was afraid that his future would suffer. So we got divorced and he was given custody of our daughter. Tears covered my face as I looked at my five-year old daughter. Jiang's evil crimes had broken up our originally peaceful and happy family. Now it has been a few months since the divorce. My husband has not looked for another wife yet. When people refer him to someone, he says that he did not get divorced to marry someone else. He is waiting for the country's policy to change; he is waiting for me. Every time I go to see our daughter, she says: "My mommy is a good person. Why do police want to catch good people? Daddy also says that you are such good people. Why does Jiang not let you practice?"

Under the intense pressure of Jiang's power, how many people have been forced to do things against their wills, say things against their wills, and condemn their consciences! We call for justice and conscience. We want a complete family!