(Clearwisdom.net) News from Changchun Third Detention Center

1. The Public Security Department of Changchun City is collaborating with the Procurator of Nanguan District in illegally sentencing some of the arrested practitioners. At the end of 2001, the Procurator took over the cases of 13 practitioners who had been found to be producing and distributing truth-clarifying materials. The Procurator pressed charges and threatened to give those practitioners jail terms of at least seven years. These practitioners will soon be put on trial. Their names are as follows: Yang Guang, Liu Zhe (female), Zhang Chunyu, Wang Juncheng, Wang Hongge, Yang Feng, Zhang Yufeng (female), Bai Ye, Liu Shuang, Sun Changde, Lu Yan, Zheng Weidong, Zhang Shuqin (female). Practitioner Zhao Guifeng will be charged separately.

Zhao Heping (female) has been awaiting a trial for two months and has yet to be sentenced. The court asked her to decide on whether she will continue practicing Falun Gong. If the answer is yes, she will be sentenced. If no, she will be released. Zhao is solid in her belief in Falun Dafa and has refused to co-operate with the evil.

The Procurator of Nanguan District also pressed charges against Liang Guiying (female) more than a month ago, but has yet to put her on trial.

Among those that have been arrested, charged and jailed in the Third Detention Centre are Ma Yechi, Zhao Guifeng, Yin Yanli, Liu Yaqian, Xiang Xiaomin, Li Zhixiu.

2. Dai Lijun, a practitioner from Changchun, was arrested by the police from Nanquan Police Department, on January 25, 2002 at a Cultural Center. He is now being detained at the Third Detention Center. Since his detention, Dai's wife, who had suffered a stroke and is paralyzed has had nobody to provide care for her. Dai, also has a son and daughter, both of whom have also been sent to a labor camp for upholding their belief in Falun Dafa. The Public Security Department is fully aware of Dai's difficult family situation, but they refuse to release Dai.

3. Practitioner Zhang was illegally arrested and brutally tortured by the City Council. The officers pressed a thick plastic bag over her mouth and tried to suffocate her. They beat and disfigured her breasts using an electric baton. She was also subjected to having her arms pulled up and chained to her back, resulting in her being unable to raise her arms for many days after. Zhang's body is covered in wounds from the torture suffered at the hands of those officers. She is now imprisoned in the Shuangyang Third Detention Center.

4. Sui, a female practitioner from Changchun, was dragged from her home in the middle of the night, clad only in her underwear, by vicious police. She has been sent to the Sheling Detention Center in Shuangchao, which is dozens of kilometers from Changchun.

5. The head of the City Council Qi and his staff Fu, Zhang and Wang illegally arrested Dafa practitioners during the Chinese New Year, and subsequently sent them to the Detention Center where they were brutally tortured.

6. Cao Yali, a practitioner from Nongan County, shared how he/she was arrested. On January 24, 2002 at around 8 o'clock in the evening, a man and a woman knocked at my door and identified themselves as fee collectors for the TV station. I asked them to come back the following day, but the man said there were some problems with the wires and he had to check on them. When I opened the door, the man rushed into my home. A dozen people followed him. Before I could say anything, they put the cuffs on my hands. They did not allow me to speak, telling me that my arrest was caused by a problem related to my spouse. They began ransacking my home. Then they covered my head with some clothes and put me into a car. After an hour or so, we arrived at a place and I had no idea where it was. They right away made me sit on a Tiger Bench (a small iron bench that is approximately 20 cm (6 inches) tall. Practitioners are forced to sit on the bench with their knees tightly tied on it. They have to sit straight up with their eyes looking straight ahead. Their hands are tied on the back or sometimes placed on their knees. They are not allowed to turn their heads, close their eyes, talk to anyone, raise their hands or call out for the attention of the guards. Many inmates are assigned to watch the practitioners. If they turn their heads, the inmates would force them to hold their heads in that position indefinitely. If the practitioners raise their hands to call the attention of the guards when their hands are placed on their knees, the inmates would force them to hold their hands in the air indefinitely. If they speak, the inmates would force their mouths to remain open indefinitely. Usually some hard objects are inserted underneath practitioners' lower legs or ankles to make it harder for them to tolerate this abuse.) During this time, someone beat me with an electric baton and poured cold water on my head. I was also made to sit outdoors in my underwear for several hours. Meanwhile, he beat and kicked me. As a result of the torture, my chest, eyes and hands became red and swollen and my legs were covered with bruises. Even now, I can still sense numbness in my hands and pain in my chest. I learned later that it was a policeman at Changchun Police Department who had tortured me. That day, he also threatened me, saying that he could beat me to death and no one would care. I am now imprisoned at Changchun Third Detention Center.