The Qiqihaer City Northern Siyou chemical plant, a private-owned enterprise, is situated a few kilometers away from the Shuanghe labor camp. Since November 1999 till now, many practitioners from Qiqihaer City were illegally detained at the Shuanghe labor camp. The agricultural chemical plant has become a den for persecuting Dafa practitioners. At the same time, the Shuanghe Labor Camp took advantage of this opportunity to severely persecute Dafa practitioners. Practitioners were forced to walk all the way there through bare fields and over dikes and dams. During the summer, whenever it rained, they had to jog in the mud, and were subjected to the constant harassment from policemen and criminals. In the freezing winter, they had to make their way through of knee-deep snow.

The polluted air in this chemical plant is so bad, that even from a distance, you could smell a strong rancid odor. Manufacturing work itself is dirty, painful and tiring, and toxic. In production, heavy smoke full of chemical dust floated around the entire production unit, and settled all over a person's clothes, eyebrows, and eyelashes. Even wearing a few protective masks, practitioners were choked from the chemical exposure with nasal passages and eyes becoming swollen. In addition, the Agricultural chemical plant is very toxic to people's health. Some practitioners incurred red eyes and face, chapped hands, as well as major skin irritations all over their bodies. Some of the female practitioners stopped menstruating for a few months or even the entire year. There are no hazardous material suits provided and masks are only assigned to practitioners once. Gloves have never been assigned. It is clearly stipulated that all who handle or are in proximity to toxic substances, must take showers at the end of every day. However, practitioners were not permitted to take showers! Even though it was requested many times, nothing has been resolved. Practitioners were forced to work over the normal hours every day with no breaks permitted.

Every time, when peak season came, the Agricultural chemical plant and the Shuanghe Labor Camp conducted a so-called "doing overtime spurt" in order to make sudden huge profits. All of this of course was at the expense of practitioners' lives and safety. The truth is, this "overtime" is nothing more than forced slave labor using practitioners. The practitioners were overloaded with work day and night, made to wake up at four o'clock in the morning, and were also denied time to wash their faces or brush their teeth after eating a morning meal (consisting of spare vegetable soup and some buns). After this morning routine, they were ordered to the Agricultural chemical plant. During lunch, they only had a half an hour to eat and use the lavatory. After this, they were sent back to work immediately. At 11 p.m. they finished work and then had dinner. Upon returning to the dormitory, they were dirty, exhausted and hungry. Yet, the cruel policemen on duty often wouldn't let them wash up, so they had to go to sleep with chemical dust all over their bodies and faces. With the combined heat, over exhaustion and sweat (combined with chemical dust), practitioners' skin became very itchy and painful. When the sweat evaporated from their skin, a "ringworm" shaped rash appeared.

During the peak season for agricultural chemicals, the Agricultural chemical plant repackages poor-quality agricultural chemicals in an effort to create inventory in the plant. They also change the expiration dates and sell them again on the market, cheating whoever buys them. Some chemical products were in such bad condition, they started to grow mold, yet they were pressed into carton boxes and sold. Truckloads of expired agriculture chemicals were shipped to this plant from its subsidiaries. Dafa practitioners had taken up this issue with four directors in the Shuanghe Labor Camp and the Agricultural Chemical plant head, in a solemn manner that they shouldn't cheat and harm farmers by practicing fraud. However, the Shuanghe Labor Camp and Siyou Agricultural chemical plant didn't listen at all, they asked people in charge of teams (Zhang zhijie, Guo li, Liu Shurong, Wang Mei) to curse at and force Dafa practitioners to continue packaging these products. Even until now, the Shuanghe Labor Camp and Siyou Agricultural chemical plant are still doing these kinds of unethical things.

The Shuanghe Labor Camp made sudden windfall profits by taking advantage of Dafa practitioners' and using them for their own greedy gain. Everyone in the labor camp was given thousands of Yuan [Chinese dollar, the average monthly income of urban area is about 500 Yuan] as bonuses. With the money, the authorities bought new cars and received better benefits. However, what they have gained are immoral assets by selling out their ethics.