• An evil policeman Song Qiju of Shifou Police Station in Tianshui Region often brutally beat and extorted money from practitioners. Many practitioners were forced to borrow money just to get by. However not long ago, Song Qiju died unexpectedly showing the symptoms of end-stage leukemia.
  • A practitioner often clarified the truth to his relatives. One day the relative said, "Ever since our last conversation, the strange disease that has plagued me for decades suddenly improved. Dafa is too magnificent! After Dafa's reputation is restored I will also practice it."
  • Dong XX of the Jilin Province financial bureau frequently harassed Dafa practitioners. In November 2001 he shattered his arm in a motorcycle accident, and has been unemployed since.
  • A crooked official aimed to terminate a practitioner's membership to the Party, and wanted to report him to higher authority. But when he was opening a door, the glass panel fell out, shattered and hit his hand. His hand was severely and deeply lacerated by the broken glass. It required two operations costing more than 20,000 Yuan RMB, yet his hand was still disabled. In another incident, a community official tore up Dafa flyers everywhere he went, and then he suffered a severe lower arm fracture.
  • A female inmate arrested for murder at Fuyu County Detention Center often slandered Dafa and practitioners. One day practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts to let her "receive due retribution in this lifetime," she immediately went into shock. A female supervisor Mou Hongli viciously tortured practitioners, and in early January she had a car accident. Presently she is still in the hospital suffering from memory loss.
  • Li Deqing from Gaofeng Village, Fuli Town near Jixian County, Shuangyashan City often insulted Dafa and Master, and was killed in a car accident in November 2001. His wife suffered a stroke, and her entire body was paralyzed. Their 17 year old son had to quit school in order to care for the mother.
  • Party Secretary Wu Zhiguang from Jincheng Village, Shuangcheng City, Heilongjiang Province, burned many Dafa books, illegally sent practitioners to forced labor camps and extorted money and valuables from practitioners. Afterwards, he suffered from a stroke and died.