(1) The evilness and cruelty of the means used by personnel from the 5th Division in Shijiazhuang Forced Labor Camp, Hebei Province, to persecute Dafa practitioners is unmatched even by malicious ghosts. Now the vicious guards are suffering their due retribution. Police officer Qin Fengchun was arrested and put in prison in June 2001. Police officer Liu Zhiying's husband died of brain cancer last year, and Liu herself was suspended from her job and subject to investigation before the start of the year.

(2) Politics and Security Section chief Sun Lizhong from Yinzhou District in Tieling City, Liaoning Province has led groups to illegally ransack homes, extort and rob, and send hundreds of practitioners to labor camps. Recently he often suffered great pains, sweating all over his head to the point that he fainted in the office. Other police officers in the precinct joked, "Chief Sun is receiving immediate retribution in this life."

(3) An individual named Wang from a city in northern Liaoning Province destroyed a Dafa truth CD that he picked up. Several days later he rode on a motorcycle with another person and was involved in a traffic accident. He suffered a severe leg fracture and the motorcycle was a total loss, but the other person was not hurt at all.

(4) The town's Party secretary dispatched a police department internal staff member to remove Dafa flyers on the walls. This person was reluctant but had no choice. In the evening he fell into a ditch while riding his bicycle. He suffered pains in his legs and hips. He knew this was retribution and no longer dared to do things against Dafa.

(5) In the morning of August 23, 2001, Dule Town Head Zhao Jinlin in Yi County was involved in a motorcycle accident on his way to Kangjia Village. His leg was broken, hit by a three-wheeler. The local people all say, "This is his retribution for persecuting Falun Gong."