[Nanjing] February 26 News--From 1988 to October of 2000, Zhang Wenhua, 52, was the political commissar, the head, and the Party secretary of the Labor Camp Bureau of Jiangsu Province and the deputy of the Provincial Prison Administrative Bureau. When Zhang Wenhua was the head of the Labor Camp Bureau, many forced-labor camps, prisons, and re-education centers in Jiangsu Province illegally imprisoned and brutally tortured many Dafa practitioners and committed countless crimes. In December 2000, the Prosecutor's department received reports alleging that Zhang Wenhua was involved in some serious economic crimes. On July 10, 2001, Zhang Wenhua was arrested.

On March 4, 2002, Zhang Wenhua was charged with and tried in Jianye Court for bribery, corruption, corrupt practices of favoritism and illegal possession of ammunition. On examination, it was discovered that between 1993 and 1997, Zhang Wenhua was wantonly corrupt, profiteering with reckless disregard of the law, and had taken bribes of at least 300,000 Yuan (Chinese currency). Furthermore, Zhang Wenhua had embezzled public funds to the tune of 22,500 Yuan, illegally possessed army handguns and 35 rounds of ammunition. He also secretly supported four lovers.

Under the oppressive reign of Jiang's autocratic regime, such corrupt, degenerate criminals, in their zeal to please their leader, quickly became assailants in the persecution of Falun Dafa. During Zhang Wenhua's tenure in office, many labor camps, prisons and re-education centers illegally detained and brutally persecuted Dafa practitioners and committed countless crimes. However, the wrongdoers can never escape the net of Heavenly justice. Such criminals that assist the evil in their crimes will not only face the punishments of the law, but also the endless pains in hell when Fa rectifies the human world. Let's look at the following cases and see how the labor camps under Zhang Wenhua's jurisdiction illegally imprisoned and brutally persecuted Dafa practitioners:

The Persecution of Falun Gong Practitioners at Fangqiang Forced Labor Camp in Dafeng County, Jiangsu Province

In 2000, Fangqiang Labor Camp sent personnel to Masanjia Labor Camp to study the "techniques" used there to torture Dafa practitioners. Soon after, they intensified the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. The camp strictly controlled and tormented Falun Gong practitioners by using the "Three Collection" method, i.e., two criminal inmates watch one Falun Gong practitioner, always following Falun Gong practitioners closely, even when they were using the toilet, brushing their teeth or washing themselves. If the inmates made an effort to control Falun Gong practitioners tightly, their imprisonment term would be reduced. Under such an incentive policy, Falun Gong practitioners had no personal freedom at all and they were even forbidden to talk with other practitioners. In early April of 2001, Dafa practitioners in Team 7 protested against the system, but the police instigated the prisoners to drag away those who were making this reasonable request. Then, Dafa practitioner Xu Aihua refused to work in protest, thus she suffered severe persecution. They took off all her clothes on the work site, pressed her down on the ground, piled up soil on her body and dragged her on the ground. The persecution was intensified to such an extent that it is beyond imagination of all kind-hearted people that this is happening in 21st century China.

Instigated by this policy, the vicious prisoners used shoes to violently strike Dafa practitioner Zhang Yulong's face until his head, face, eyes, nose and mouth were out of shape. The wicked inmates punched and kicked Dafa practitioner Pan Rujing because he refused to slander Master Li and Dafa articles. The labor camp police themselves used electric batons to shock the Falun Gong practitioners.

During the evil persecution, team 4 Dafa practitioners collectively submitted a letter that requested the government to restore the reputation of Master Li and Falun Dafa, release all illegally imprisoned Dafa practitioners, and provide Dafa practitioners a safe practice environment. The police were furious at the Dafa practitioners' just request. They punished the team 4 Dafa practitioners physically by locking some up separately and electrically shocking others with batons. They tormented one Dafa practitioner in the "Severe Punishment Team" (where determined Dafa practitioners are locked in and suffer more brutal persecution) with 6 electric batons.

In order to accomplish the criminal task assigned by the higher officials, since this July the labor camp has used the team 2 as a brainwashing base, threatening, cheating and misleading in addition to the regular beating, cursing, electric shocking, and constantly brainwashing them around clock. Everyone locked in team 2 has experienced the nonstop brainwashing, held without sleep for a week to half a month. They aim at breaking down one's spirit to reach their criminal goal.

It is the police who have instigated and supported the inmates' evil acts. However, who is it that has instigated and supported the police's brutal persecution?

One policeman of team 2 admitted voluntarily: "We have orders from above that we will have to take legal responsibilities if other inmates die; however, we don' t have to take any legal responsibilities if Falun Gong people are tormented to death."

It is self evident that Jiang Zemin and other evil authorities have been instigating them to commit crimes.

Fangqiang Labor Camp at Dafeng in Yancheng City and Judong Labor Camp in Zhenjiang City

In the spring of 2000, there were practitioners from Jiangsu Province who went to Beijing to raise Falun Dafa banners. Most of the practitioners who raised banners were illegally sent to labor camps. Normally those who went to the appeal office would be detained for 15 days (certain areas have illegally detained practitioners for 30 days), or some were sent to mental hospitals. In the month of October of 2000, a great number of practitioners from the Jianshu area went to Beijing. The majority of them were sent to brainwashing classes after their return. Those who maintained a strong and firm belief in Dafa were sent to forced labor camps.

Most of the male Dafa practitioners were detained at the Fengqiang Forced Labor Camp at Da Feng in the city of Yancheng, Jiangsu Province. Female practitioners were locked up at Judong Forced Labor Camp in Jiangjian city. In the camps, many brainwashing methods were used on Dafa practitioners. They forced practitioners to take on overloaded and unbearable physical work. They tortured practitioners by forcing them to stand still for long periods of time, not letting them sleep and using electric batons to brutally beat them. They illegally prolonged Dafa practitioners' detainment period. Recently, it was heard that no release would be granted to those practitioners who retained their belief while in the camp. Since June, those who had finished their sentences still were not released.

Policemen from the local police station interfered with practitioners who stayed home. They deceived and kidnapped practitioners into brainwashing classes. In October 2000, the 610 Office (An office specially formed to persecute Falun Gong practitioners) in Judong Village started a brainwashing class. The practitioners in the brainwashing class were mostly from Nanjing area and had gone to Beijing to appeal. There the practitioners joined together and started a hunger strike to protest the 610 office's illegal persecution. Practitioners have effectively suppressed the evil. In December of 2000, a brainwashing class was started in Fangqiang Labor Camp at Dafeng, Nantong area. According to the policemen from prison, in the month of October, practitioners from Nanjing and Nantong City were the largest number amongst those who had gone to Beijing.

It was said that there were more than 100 male Dafa practitioners detained in Fangqiang Labor Camp and more than 100 female Dafa practitioners in Judong Labor Camp.

110 Dafa Practitioners Living on the Verge of Death in Jurong Forced Labor Camp, Jiangsu Province

In Jurong Forced Labor camp, Dafa disciples were coerced to write statements of repentance all kinds of vicious ways, but each of the 110 disciples expressed their innocence and refused to write such statements. Because of this, they were heavily persecuted. In order to protest the camp's criminal acts of trampling human rights, the female disciples began to fast on December 4, 2001. They have been fasting almost 50 days now. Their bodies are very weak and death is expected at any moment. Even in this state, the spiritual and physical persecution of these disciples never lets up. Everyday, these Dafa disciples are forced to work long hours. Their work and rest time is: Get up at 4:30am, work at 6:30am, break from at 12:00-12:30pm, and then work until 9:00pm in the evening. They work until 11:30pm recently. Some practitioners were force-fed, which caused bleeding from the mouth and nose. Three have been sent to the hospital. Right now, five or six prison houses are being built over there. About twenty female Dafa disciples are sent to these prison houses everyday.

We hereby sternly warn those criminals that are still following Jiang's order to persecute Dafa and Dafa practitioners: It is the heavenly principle that good and evil will be justly dealt with. Your endless suffering will not even be enough to pay back the crime of persecuting the Buddha Law; your descendants will have to pick up the rest of the tab. We hope you can wake up and immediately stop persecuting Dafa, and be kind to Dafa practitioners to make up for your wrong doings. We urge you to be genuinely responsible for your own life and that of your family!