Zhang Guangqing, a retired citizen of Wanyuan City, Sichuan Province, was arrested in April 2001 for clarifying the truth in his former work place. He died suddenly, in jail, on March 3, 2002.

Zhang Guangqing, 60 years old, was retired from the No.513 Power Plant in Wanyuan City, Sichuan Province. He lived in the No.101 Dorm Housing of the Plant. In August 1997 he obtained Dafa and started cultivation. In April 2001, he clarified the truth of Falun Dafa in his old work unit and was reported by someone who did not know the truth. Upon returning home, he was arrested by the police from the State Security Team of Wanyuan City Police Department and illegally sentenced to one year of labor camp. He was locked in the Wanyuan City No.2 Detention Center and died suddenly on March 3rd, 2002.

According to others who have been released from the same jail, Zhang Guangqing was brutally beaten by the Center Director, Sun Chenghua. The Wanyuan City police did not notify his family until two days after his death. The family's requests for information on the cause of his death were rejected by police. Police sent his body to be cremated directly, using many police officials to keep their actions from becoming known. They did not even let his family members see his body before the secret cremation. Police told outsiders that he had died from an illness. When local Falun Dafa practitioners went to ask the State Security Team leader Ou Chenglin the cause of Zhang's death, Ou replied, "What do you want? Do you want to follow his path?" Zhang's family was threatened so that they became too fearful to continue investigating or speaking out. The details have yet to be revealed.

Names and phone numbers of those responsible for Zhang's death:

Ou Chenglin, Wanyuan City State Security Team Leader.

Sun Hongmei (female), Wanyuan City State Security Team Deputy Leader.

Sun Chenghua, Director of Wanyuan City No.2 Detention Center.

Wang Qiang, Chen De, police who were involved in arresting Zhang Guangqing.

Wanyuan City State Security Team phone, 86-818-8610006.

Wanyuan City No.2 Detention Center phone, 86-818-8622187.

Da County State Security Team phone, 86-818-2671780.