March 2, 2002


Dafa Manifests Miracles

  1. My brother is a diligent Falun Dafa practitioner. After he was illegally sent to a forced labor camp, our family decided to visit him. The night before visiting him, the whole family sat together and discussed the visit. During that time, the TV was showing a series. Suddenly the actors in the TV series started to fade away and their movements became slow and the audio went away. The TV was then filled with people practicing Falun Gong and at the same time exercise music came out of the TV. It lasted for a few minutes. The whole family was very encouraged.
  2. In the later part of January 2002, Wang Jindong, one of the people involved in the Tiananmen self-immolation, was slandering Dafa on China Central TV. However, the TV in my house showed that Wang Jindong said, "I am one of the participants in the Tiananmen self-immolation incident. I am not a practitioner. I am pretending to be a practitioner to undermine Dafa." At that time my wife, my brother and I heard it very clearly. We were all shocked and realized that it was our compassionate Master Li showing us the truth.

Swiping a Bank Card

It was around July of 1998. I went out of town to attend a Dafa conference and needed cash in a hurry. I went to the bank and used my salary card to get cash. My salary card's magnetic strip was damaged and I could not withdraw any money. I was very anxious. Then I remembered in "Zhuan Falun" Master Li said, "Modern apparatus can detect infrared rays, ultraviolet rays, ultrasonic waves, infrasonic waves, electricity, magnetic force, gamma rays, atoms, and neutrons. A qigong master possesses all of these substances, ...." I said to myself, "I am a Dafa practitioner, so I must have it." Then I said to the young man working in the bank, "I understand now. Let me wipe the card and it will work." He said, "How come?" I said, "Maybe because there is dust." He said, "That is impossible." I said with a smile, "Bring it over." I put the card in the center of my palm and used the other hand to wipe it once and returned it to him. He swiped it once and was very surprised. He took a look at me and then swiped it again. It worked every time. He looked at me with surprise. I just smiled.

Hard Qigong Supernormal Ability

I began reading "Zhuan Falun" in October 1994. Before six months had passed, I developed hard qigong.

  1. Making a Meditation Mat
  2. I wanted to make a meditation mat. After sewing over a dozen stitches with a needle, the needle just rotated in my hand and refused to go through. I took a look and saw that the needle had bent into a "V" shape. That was strange. In the past, if the needle could not go through, it would break because it was made of steel and it was brittle. How come it was bent? I rubbed it with my fingers and it straightened out. Then I just repeated the process. When it bent, I straightened it out, then it would bend again. I finished it with great difficulty. I did not realize what had happened.

  3. Opening Boxes
  4. Not long after that incident, my company recycled wooden boxes that were put together with nails. A practitioner and I worked together. The practitioner said she would get some tools. I said, "There is no need, I can easily separate it with my hands." She went to get tools anyway. I stepped on the box with one leg and used my fingers to lift the wooden boards. With a cracking noise, they were all separated. New nails that were a half inch long were pulled out. The practitioner came back with tools and asked, "How was that done?" I said, "With my hand." "How could that be possible?" She was very surprised. I said, "Maybe the nails were loose." She said, "Could it be hard qigong?" I thought that must be it and said, "Master Li, I did not use it on purpose. Please lock it up for me."

  5. Breaking Metal Bars with my Fingers

My company once changed signs for the office. The original signs were made of two small circles welded on both ends to a metal bar that was the thickness of a small finger. One end was attached through a hole in the door, while the other end was used to hand a wooden sign. The new signs were made of aluminum and they were directly nailed to the door. The old metal bar did not look very pleasant and I just casually broke it off with my hand. My supervisor saw me holding the metal bar and he tried to break it off also. He used both of his hands to shake it left and right for a long time and it did not come off. He ended up falling on the floor. He asked me to break them all off. I used my hand to break them off one by one without much effort. It turned out the Master Li did not lock my hard qigong.

What I saw when Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts

One day in November 2001, five of us were sending forth righteous thoughts at a practitioner's home. When we were holding the lotus hand gesture to eliminate evils, her little grandchild came over crying and said, "Grandma my tooth hurts." Meanwhile I saw the tip of my right ring finger emit a white ray which shot towards the child's left cheek. The child then did not feel pain anymore. He simply rubbed the painful spot a bit and it went away. Master Li's vast Buddha kindness and endless compassion brought me to tears. However I immediately realized that I was sending righteous thoughts. I then focused to eliminate evil.