(Clearwisdom.net) It was verified by the latest news from Hebei Province that Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Liu Qiusheng of Fucheng County died in the Fucheng County Police Station 20 days after he was kidnapped by police on February 2, 2002. The next day, the police authorities hoodwinked Liu's underage son to the hospital to sign off on the paperwork for the autopsy. In the evening, they took a squadron of armed military police officers to threaten Liu's family, knocked his relatives down to the ground and forcibly took away Liu's body for cremation. Fucheng County Police Department verified the news of Liu's death.

The report verified that Mr. Liu Qiusheng was taken away from his home on February 2, 2002. Witnesses claimed that Fucheng Country police officers rushed into Mr. Liu's home and dragged him into the courtyard. They grabbed his hair and brutally beat him up. Patches of Liu's hair were yanked off and his whole body was covered with dirt. Liu's 65-year-old mother went forward to stop the police officers but was given a harsh scolding and knocked to the ground. Later, both mother and son were forcefully taken to the police department. The police officers tied Mr. Liu to a chair and brutally beat him for two hours until he lost consciousness. Later Mr. Liu was locked up in a little room next to the bathroom. The next day when Mr. Liu's mother went to the bathroom, she saw that her son's face was misshapen and his ears were bruised.

At 9:00 p.m. on February 22, 2002, Mr. Liu was tortured to death. On the morning of February 23, police department personnel contacted the village accountant and made a false claim that Mr. Liu had fallen ill. They hoodwinked Liu's under-age son to the hospital. They wanted to perform an autopsy on Mr. Liu, but Mr. Liu's son did not agree. He wanted to wait until his mother arrived. The police cheated the child by saying that his mother had already been informed and would get to the hospital very soon. After the autopsy, they also hoodwinked the young boy into signing off on the documents. When Liu's wife arrived in the afternoon, she demanded to see the autopsy report and asked the police about the cause of her husband's death. The police quietly admitted that the cause of Mr. Liu's death was not due to an illness, but the next day they changed their previous admission and said now that Mr. that Liu had indeed died from an illness.

According to the news received, Fucheng County police authorities informed Mr. Liu's family on the afternoon of February 23 that his body would be cremated in the evening. The family members felt that the cause of Mr. Liu's death had not been investigated and were against the cremation. People at the scene verified that, in addition to officers, the police authorities deployed a squadron of armed military police to Mr. Liu's place. They flung Mr. Liu's 65-year-old mother and his fragile younger sister several meters away. Other members of the family were each surrounded and attacked by 5 or 6 police officers who grabbed their arms and pushed them to the ground, stepping on their heads with their leather boots. Under these attacking circumstances they were able to forcibly take away Mr. Liu's body for cremation.

According to independent verification, Mr. Liu started to practice Falun Gong in 1996 in Beijing, and his whole family of over a dozen people also practices Falun Gong. Mr. Liu had become very healthy ever since he started practicing Falun Gong. After July 20, 1999, he went to Beijing many times to appeal for Falun Gong. He was arrested, brutally beaten by local security personnel and illegally fined 15,000 Yuan. In early March 2000, Mr. Liu was beaten up so badly by workers from the Township government that his face was unrecognizable. His back was so badly injured that he did not regain feeling until five months later. Currently, Mr. Liu's family, including his wife and a few siblings, have all been sentenced to jail or are being illegally detained. They have all suffered inhuman tortures.

The police did not spare Mr. Liu's aged mother either. She was taken to the Township Security Division and was locked up outside in freezing weather consecutively for a few nights. They also humiliated her by parading her through the streets. At present, the immediate members of Mr. Liu's family are illegally detained. The family has been forced apart, with only the lonely and pitiable youngest and oldest members still at home.

According to statistics, cases of persecution similar to that of the Liu family are on a rapid increase in China. The ruling dictator's regime, in order to exterminate Falun Gong, is using all evil means to threaten and persecute Falun Gong practitioners and their families.

March 5, 2002