(Clearwisdom.net) In February 2000, because I practiced Falun Gong, I was illegally forced to undergo labor "re-education" by the public security department for nearly two years. I was imprisoned in Nanmusi Female Labor Camp, Zizhong County, Sichuan Province. Apart from criminals and drug addicts serving their time, nearly one thousand Falun Gong practitioners were illegally imprisoned there. I shall summarize what I saw, heard and experienced below.

At Nanmusi Female Labor Camp, to force Falun Gong practitioners to give up their belief, the disciplinary personnel adopted various devious means to persecute Falun Gong practitioners both physically and mentally. In June 2000, Director Wang (female), Li Ziqiang (Chief, male), Li (female, she was called her senior Chief.), Zhang Xiaofang, Li Jun (female, Chief) and others blocked the Seventh Squadron, (The Seventh, Eighth and Ninth squadrons, are special squadrons that illegally imprison Falun Gong practitioners) and deployed the all-male "bodyguard squad" from the labor camp as well as seventeen drug addicts as assailants. They brutally beat Dafa practitioners without constrain using electric and police batons, punching and kicking the elderly as well as young women amidst their yelling and shouting.

Since practitioner Zhang Shiqing from Chengdu did not relent, a drug-addict picked up a steel bar used for construction to viciously strike her. Her skin was broken and flesh torn, her buttocks turned dark purple (as did those of a lot of other practitioners). She passed out on the spot. Later on, because she refused to perform the drill, when she was not looking, police Chief Li suddenly grabbed her hair and jerked her backwards. Zhang Shiqing rolled with the pull avoiding having her neck broken. Then Chief Qin Zhaoxia (female) cuffed her hands to her back and hung her up on a chain link gate with the tips of her toes barely touching the ground. Only when she saw Zhang Shiqing's hands and face turn dark, did she hastily lay her down. Zhang Shiqing could not stand up and was shaking all over.

Soon after practitioner Yong from Deyang was kidnapped and put in the labor camp, she was stripped naked and made to stand outside that way for the entire night in the cold winter.

A practitioner named Mao told me that she was tied with a rope around the neck and hands into a bundle on the bed. Her mouth was stuffed with smelly socks. This lasted for dozens of hours.

Right after a practitioner from northern Sichuan Province was kidnapped and put in the labor camp, she was beaten mercilessly and then tied to a tree. She persisted in saying, "Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa." Afterwards she was beaten so badly that she sustained serious internal injury leading to shock.

Many practitioners were forced to undergo the torture of standing for seven or eight days in one stretch with their bodies pressing against the wall and hands lifted up high. They sustained orthostatic edema in the legs as a result. There was also another torture called "squatting down." It required the victim to put both hands on the back of the head, hold both feet together, with both eyes looking straight while keeping the waist and neck straight and upright. Each up and down movement was counted as one. The practitioners were forced to squat one hundred, three hundred, five hundred or eight hundred times, even as much as one thousand three hundred times. Mao Kun from Chengdu was forced to do one thousand squats. Wang Shiying was forced to do one thousand three hundred squats. Luo Xiaoyu from Chengdu was forced to do four hundred. She failed to make it. Police then grasped her hair, pulled her up and then threw her down again. Then they tossed her into a muddy flower garden many times, like throwing a cement bag. Her whole body was covered in mud.

Zhang Fengqing, over 50 years old, was forced to stand outside for seventeen hours per day for six months. Sometimes her hands and feet were also tied up and she was thrown under the scorching sun or in the torrential rain.

A practitioner whose name was He, was handcuffed to a big tree by police officer Huang. The handcuffs were very tight and cut into the flesh. After several minutes, the practitioner's body turned dark. Huang anxiously called the hospital to resuscitate her. Later on, this practitioner disappeared. Her whereabouts is unknown.

The summer of 2000 was especially hot. The temperature reached 42 degrees centigrade (108 degrees Fahrenheit). Police forced practitioners to bake under the scorching sun for over twenty days. In addition, more than 30 steadfast practitioners were locked in a room only a few square meters in size. They were required to sit in the "army posture" and not allowed to speak, move or close their eyes. Their buttocks developed decubitus ulcers. Furthermore, they were not allowed to take a bath. Their bodies reeked strongly.

Police deliberately forced practitioners to sleep in the same bed with people who had scabies, causing the practitioner to be infected with scabies.

A group of people from Masanjia Labor Camp organized by the Ministry of Justice came to Nanmusi. They trained one batch after another of core personnel to persecute Dafa. They taught them to use deceit, high pressure, siege, isolation and other tactics to deal with Dafa practitioners. Those who had success in persecuting Dafa practitioners got promotions and awards. They severed all connections with the outside. They use all kinds of deceptive measures to trick practitioners to turn away from Zhen-Shan-Ren (Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance), but the unwavering faith that the practitioners displayed made them shudder. They used "sandwiching" (one practitioner put between two prisoners), "double sandwiching" and "series of sandwiching" and so on to apply strict control over Dafa practitioners. They also produced false representations, directed one after another staged farce and had television stations record and broadcast them repeatedly all over the whole nation to deceive and delude the masses who did not know the truth.

The above is the little bit that I saw and heard during my stint at the labor camp.