1. Despite having paid the entrance fee of five hundred Australian dollars, Mrs. Dai and her son were refused admittance to the 2002 World Congress on The Peaceful Reunification of China and World Peace.

The conference was held at the Darling Harbor Convention Center in Sydney from February 20 to 23, 2002. Mrs. Dai and her son are Australian citizens and Dafa practitioners from Sydney who paid five hundred Australian dollars each to attend the last day of the conference.

At 5 p.m., two high-ranking plain-clothed Australian police officers approached them and asked if they were Falun Dafa practitioners. The officers inquired about their purpose for attending the conference and wanted to know the contents of their bags. They were told by the police, "Some people feel uncomfortable to have you here. We know that your relationship with the Chinese Consulate is very tense." Finally they were refused admittance at the entrance to the conference at 6 p.m. The guard collecting the tickets told them that they needed invitations from the Chinese Consulate to attend. The police admitted that they had received pressure from the Chinese Consulate.

2. Facts Surrounding the Manipulation of Sydney Overseas Students' Question and Answer Session by the Chinese Consulate

A students' question and answer session was held at Sydney University from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. on February 21, 2002. The Chinese Consul General Liao Zhihong and many staff attended the session, targeted at Chinese students studying in Australia. Participants also included Luo Haocai, Chairman of the Chinese Peace and Reunification Association.

The host of the session was a Vice Consul of the Chinese Consulate. When Luo Haocai acknowledged a Dafa practitioner's request to ask a question, the Vice Consul quickly said, "We are running out of time. No more questions." Disagreeing with him, many participants still raised their hands to ask questions. As a result, the Vice Consul had to let the practitioner speak. The practitioner stood up and introduced herself as a student majoring in software engineering at the University of NSW. Her grandparents participated in WWII against Japan and had participated in the Korean War. She loves her country, China. She first asked Luo Haocai if he knew Zhao Xin, an instructor from the Beijing Industry and Business College, and then read to Luo the following story about Zhao Xin. "On June 19, 2000, Zhao Xin, an instructor from the Beijing Industry and Business College, was arrested when practicing Falun Gong in the Beijing Purple Bamboo Park, and was then transferred to the Qinghe Detention Center of the Haidian Police Office. She was beaten until the 4th, 5th and 6th segments of her neck bones were fractured, thus causing her to be paralyzed. Suffering pain for half a year, she passed away on December 11, 2000." The practitioner asked Luo, "Can you explain why she was arrested without any legal procedure?" Luo replied by criticizing Falun Gong and asking for proof of the story. The practitioner said, "I have spoken to Zhao Xin's mother on the phone. The story is true." Luo had nothing to say. The consulate staff quickly announced that the meeting was over. When a Dafa practitioner approached Luo to shake hands and deliver Dafa truth-clarifying materials, his hand was pushed away rudely by a consulate staff member.

These are the facts surrounding the direct manipulation of the Sydney overseas students' question and answer session by the Chinese Embassy. Jiang Zemin spreads terror to wherever his dictatorship extends.