February 28, 2002


  1. [Wuhan City, Hubei Province] Wuhan Dafa Disciples Celebrate "Wuhan Falun Dafa Day"
  2. [Liaoyuan City, Jilin Province] Dafa Disciple Qu Hongmei Is Abducted
  3. [Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province] Dafa Disciple Ren Hongxin Is Kidnapped
  4. [Changchun City, Jilin Province] Heizuizi Female Forced Labor Camp Puts up a False Front to Cover up the Truth of Persecution of Falun Dafa Practitioners
  5. [Anshan City, Liaoning Province] The Dagushan Police Substation Persecutes Falun Dafa Disciples
  6. [Baoding City, Hebei Province] Falun Dafa Practitioner Liu Yuting from Baoding City, Hebei Province Is Abducted by Officers from the Xiguan Police Station
  7. [Shenyang City, Liaoning Province] Police from Lingkong Police Station in Huaxiang Residential Area of Tiexi District Brutally Torture Falun Dafa Practitioners
  8. [Hebei Province] Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp in Hebei Province Persecutes Falun Dafa Practitioners
  9. [Wuhan City, Hubei Province] Police in Xinzhou District Forcibly Abduct Falun Dafa Practitioners Lin Ping, Xu Jianping, and Xu's Wife
  10. [Xianning City, Hubei Province] Persecution of Falun Dafa Practitioners in Xianning Hot Spring Economic Development Zone
  11. [Changchun City, Jilin Province] Record of Evil Deeds by Police in Dongfeng Police Station of Jincheng Police Department in Changchun
  12. [Wuhan City, Hubei Province] Wuhan Dafa Disciples Celebrate "Wuhan Falun Dafa Day"

On February 3, 2002, in order to celebrate "Wuhan Falun Dafa Day," Dafa disciples in Wuhan City held a large-scale experience sharing conference near a brainwashing center. They sent forth righteous thoughts to eradicate the evil, and the Fa-conference achieved great success. After the conference, the disciples blew up balloons, distributed materials clarifying the truth of Falun Dafa and put up banners, all of which greatly shocked the evil. Small and large-scale experience sharing conferences have been held in this area continually, which contributes a great deal to the overall improvement of local Dafa disciples in cultivation practice.

[Liaoyuan City, Jilin Province] Dafa Disciple Qu Hongmei Is Abducted

Qu Hongmei, a Dafa disciple from Shilan Village, Shiyi Town, Liaoyuan City, cultivates firmly in Dafa in spite of her previous imprisonment in Changchun Forced Labor Camp. One day while walking, she was stopped by Zhang Kuiyan, a policeman from the police substation in Shiyi Town. He asked her only one question - was she was still practicing Falun Dafa? She answered one word, "Yes." She was then forcibly abducted and held for 45 days in the detention center. Later she was sentenced for the second time to forced labor in the Changchun Forced Labor Camp, this time for a term of three years.

[Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province] Dafa Disciple Ren Hongxin Is Forcibly Kidnapped

Before cultivation practice in Falun Dafa, Ren Hongxin was a young man with many bad habits. Since he began to practice Falun Dafa in 1996, he has genuinely realized the meaning of life. As a result, using the money he earned by working hard, he started to pay back what he had stolen. In July 1999, when the persecution of Falun Dafa was launched, he resolutely went to Beijing to validate Dafa. The second time he went to Beijing to validate Dafa, he was short of funds and had to walk to Yilan City and then take the train for Beijing. After being escorted back from Beijing, he was illegally detained for nearly two months in Jiamusi Detention Center. In April 2001, the Nanwei Police Substation of the Jiadong Branch of Jiamusi City Police Department suspected that Ren Hongxin had distributed materials about the truth of Falun Dafa, so they ordered his arrest. Ren Hongxin was forced to leave his home to avoid further persecution. By the end of 2001, he had returned to Jiamusi City to clarify the truth of Falun Dafa to the officers in the local government of the Dongfeng District and the police in the Nanwei Police Substation who had attempted to arrest him. Some progress was made with these people's understanding. In February 2002, when Jiang and Luo's Criminal Group launched a new wave of suppression, some vicious people tried to use Ren Hongxin by putting pressure on him. Ren Hongxin not only ignored their tactics but also clarified the truth of Falun Dafa to them. On February 3, some vicious policemen from the Qianjin Police Department Branch broke into his home in an attempt to abduct Ren Hongxin. Ren's wife and 11-year-old daughter held on to him firmly, asking the policemen for a legitimate reason to arrest him. The policemen dragged the three of them outside. Ren and his family held firmly together, refusing to cooperate. More and more people began to gather in front of his home. There was no way out, and the police had to summon more officers from the Qianjin Police Department Branch to assist them. In public, the police pushed, dragged, and beat the three until they were able to force Ren Hongxin into the police car. He was sent to Jiamusi Detention Center. His daughter has been in low spirits since then out of fear and worry. Under pressure, his aged parents, who are not in good health, can do nothing but worry and fret for him. His neighbors feel great sympathy for his suffering. They hope that more kind-hearted people will show concern for his situation and support him.

[Changchun City, Jilin Province] Heizuizi Female Forced Labor Camp Puts up a False Front to Cover Up the Truth of Persecution of Falun Dafa Practitioners

It has been learned that the Changchun Heizuizi Female Forced Labor Camp has been busy putting up a false front - making the camp look "good" and forcing Dafa disciples and prisoners to practice yangge (a popular rural folk dance) - in order to show their "achievements" in work and to cover up the brutal persecution of Falun Dafa disciples.

In fact, all the Dafa disciples in the labor camp who are firmly cultivating in Dafa have been suffering from inhuman tortures including long and intense labor, torture with electric prods, force-feedings, and the "Dead Person's Bed" (The four limbs of the practitioner are stretched out and tied to the four corners of an icy-cold metal bed. The practitioner cannot move at all. He is not allowed to get up to eat, drink, or go to the bathroom. This treatment would last from several hours up to more than a dozen days.) No matter how hard those vicious police guards try to conceal their despicable actions, their countless crimes can never be blotted out.

[Anshan City, Liaoning Province] The Dagushan Police Substation Persecutes Falun Dafa Disciples

In the past few months, the Dagushan Police Substation of Qianshan District, Anshan City, has been vigorously persecuting Dafa disciples. Eight disciples have been illegally captured, including Yang Zhiwen (who walked out of the detention center with righteous thoughts and became homeless in order to escape further persecution), Zhang Zhichen, Zhang Suhua (female), Mao Sulan (female), Li Suqing (female), Feng Suzhen (female), Li Youyun (female), and Cui Kei. They are all still suffering in illegal detention, with no limit on their terms, in the No. 3 Detention Center in Anshan City, which was actually a facility for helping people give up drugs. These are some of their stories.

Yang Zhiwen had been illegally sentenced to one year of forced labor re-education in July 2000 by the Dagushan Police Substation. At the end of his year in the forced labor camp, his term was illegally extended for five more months. He went on a hunger strike with righteous thoughts and resolutely refused all the evil arrangements of the old forces. He was then unconditionally released. About 10 o'clock on the evening of December 29, 2001, four policemen from the Dagushan Police Substation including Zhao Lijun, Tian Yongge, Wang Zuogang, and a policeman whose family name is Mu broke into his home and illegally confiscated his property. Since he didn't cooperate with them, Mu punched him, knocking out two of his teeth. He was then illegally abducted and sent to the No. 3 Detention Center in Anshan City.

Zhang Zhichen was released twice after hunger strikes, but a few days after each release, the Dagushan Police Substation illegally abducted him again. He is presently still being persecuted in the No.3 Detention Center.

The Dagushan Police Substation illegally abducted Li Youyun for no reason. Since she didn't cooperate with the evil, she was badly beaten at the time of her arrest. When her son tried to prevent the police from taking his mother away, he was brutally beaten as well. Both the mother and the son were illegally abducted and detained.

Director Zhang of the Political Security Section of the Qianshan Police Department Branch is the one primarily responsible for the persecution. Yu Chengqun, director of the Dagushan Police Substation is mainly in charge of the persecution of Falun Dafa disciples in that area. Telephone number of the Dagushan Police Substation: 86-412-5711267

February 22, 2002

[Baoding City, Hebei Province] Falun Dafa Practitioner Liu Yuting from Baoding City, Hebei Province Is Abducted by Officers from the Xiguan Police Station

At noon on November 25, 2001, Falun Dafa practitioner Liu Yuting from Baoding City, Hebei Province was forcibly taken away from home by officers from the Xiguan Police Station. After being detained at the local police station for 6 days, Liu was sent to Baoding City Detention Center, where Liu continues to be illegally held.

We have recently learned that the local police have dispatched plainclothes personnel to patrol the streets driving taxis. It was also reported that higher authorities held a meeting for the heads of each of the local work units and ordered them to closely monitor the practitioners who work at their businesses to prevent them from going to Beijing to appeal.

[Shenyang City, Liaoning Province] Police from Lingkong Police Station in Huaxiang Residential Area of Tiexi District Brutally Torture Falun Dafa Practitioners

In mid-January 2002, a Dafa practitioner in Shenyang was picked up by the police from Lingkong Police Station as he was distributing Falun Dafa truth-clarifying literature. As a result of this arrest, the whole Dafa material preparation site was targeted and ransacked. The police looted about 10,000 yuan [500 yuan is the average urban worker's monthly income] and a photocopier. Several practitioners were taken to the police station. One practitioner was hung up with his hands cuffed from behind. The police poured cold water into his underclothes and covered his head with a plastic bag. The practitioner bit through the plastic bag so that he could breathe. However, the vicious police took another bag and covered his head again. After receiving severe beatings, this practitioner could not walk or stand. In spite of his terrible condition, one inhumane policeman used pins to prick the practitioner's fingers. He stopped this torture only when the other Dafa practitioners sternly rebuked him. This practitioner's face was deformed as a result of the beatings. He was injured all over, yet the police forbade him to tell others that he was beaten. One of the policemen is Wang Wei, and the other's name is unknown. Two other policemen with some kindness could not stand it any more and asked them, "How can you beat him so badly?" Another elderly Dafa practitioner's hands became severely swollen after he was beaten. The police then used a motorcycle helmet to cover his head and suffocate him. In addition, he wasn't given anything to eat. Several other practitioners were also badly beaten and bruised all over.

[Hebei Province] Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp in Hebei Province Persecutes Falun Dafa Practitioners

After Dafa practitioners were detained in Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp, the guards immediately tried to force them to write a guarantee to give up practicing Falun Gong. If they refused, the guards would curse or beat them, shock them with electric batons, handcuff them or force them to stand in freezing cold conditions. In the brainwashing class held on May 3, 2001, there were 13 steadfast Dafa practitioners. They never yielded to the evil and have persisted in practicing Falun Gong. All the way into October, they had been enduring the evil persecution. From the beginning of their detention, they were only allowed to sleep 4 or 5 hours every day, and they were forced to read materials slandering Dafa. The guards also asked the practitioners to write their thoughts [ostensibly to say that they would give up practicing Falun Gong]. If they didn't cooperate, the guards would curse or even beat and shock them with electric batons. All of the practitioners were injured from this mistreatment, but even so the guards still escalated the physical punishment. They not only tried to brainwash the practitioners every day, but also gave each person a large sack filled with sand. The practitioners were forced to carry the sack and run back and forth. If the guards were not satisfied with them, the practitioners would have to stand holding very heavy bags of sand while others took a rest. They have been tortured this way for a long period of time. Later, the practitioners refused to cooperate with the vicious police and started a hunger strike. They have been on a hunger strike for 2 months.

The former director of Yuanxiong County's Admissions Office, Han Junmiao was also illegally detained at the Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp. At the end of November 2000, she was deceived by the local police into leaving her home, and she was captured and sent to the labor camp. Currently, her 12-year-old child lives with her 80-year-old grandfather. As soon as she was detained in the forced labor camp, she immediately began to clarify the truth to the police and didn't cooperate with any of the evil. The vicious police beat her, shocked her and handcuffed her for many days. However, this Dafa practitioner has persisted in her steadfast belief. One day at the end of June 2001, the prisoners thought that she was practicing the exercises and called in the team leader. Seven or eight people then beat her, forced her to squat, and handcuffed her in the courtyard. She was handcuffed for 7 days in hot weather. Later, she was handcuffed in the ward for another 7 days and nights. She was denied of sleep and handcuffed even at night.

[Wuhan City, Hubei Province] Police in Xinzhou District Forcibly Abduct Falun Dafa Practitioners Lin Ping, Xu Jianping, and Xu's Wife

During the eight months after her release from unjust forced labor education, Falun Dafa practitioner Lin Ping (female) at Cangbu Town in Xinzhou District of Wuhan City has committed no crimes. However at 10 p.m. the night of December 28, officers Tong and Zheng from Cangbu Police Station suddenly showed up at her door. They demanded Lin Ping to open the door, but she refused. At that time, Lin's husband wasn't at home. Only her 13-year-old daughter and less-than-6-year-old son were at home. The police kicked down the door and rushed in. Lin Ping's daughter was scared, and she held tightly to her mother and began crying loudly. The police forcibly separated the mother and the daughter, and dragged Lin Ping out of her home. By the time she was dragged to the yard, Lin Ping's clothes and shoes were stripped off, and her left shoulder was scratched. Lin Ping shouted and cried out loudly. The villains lifted her and threw her into a vehicle, and then took her to the police substation. Quite a few police had been waiting in the police station. Lin Ping shouted, "You are all public servants. How can you treat people like this? It's forbidden by the heavenly law!" Someone advised the police to let Lin Ping put on some clothes to cover her upper body, but the vicious policeman Wang Boshou jumped into the vehicle and started beating Lin. While beating her, Wang threatened, "You dare to shout? You dare to shout?" Eventually Lin Ping was sent to the isolated Liuji brainwashing class in Xinzhou District in freezing cold conditions, without having any clothes on her upper body. The police also violently threw her out of the vehicle. The next day, her husband got back home and saw that his daughter and son were not being taken care of by anyone. He learned about what had happened to his wife from his neighbors and was very angry. He went to Cangbu Town government and police station to demand justice, but no one listened to him. He also went to an appeal office in Xinzhou and several other government units, and no one took his case either.

On the night of December 28, Xu Jianping and his wife, who worked in Xinzhou District People's Hospital in Wuhan City, were sleeping in their beds. Police broke down the door, abducted them and took them to brainwash classes. They are still in custody at present. Their only child, who is not even four year old, has been left at home alone. It was said that there were a total of eighteen practitioners abducted that day.

Telephone number of leaders of Xinzhou District Police Department in Wuhan City:

Liu Linying and Cheng Jinfu: 86-27-86926133

Cheng Congchun: 86-129-8331889

Zhu Chunhua: 86-27-86925118, 86-138-71307229 (evenings), 86-27-86915148 (daytime)

Chen Changgeng: 86-27-89130485 (evenings)

List of villains in Xinzhou District, Wuhan City:

Telephone number of Xinzhou District Political and Judiciary Committee: 86-27-86921970

Wang Zhibao: 86-27-86914808 (office), 86-27-86921909 (home)

Yu Futian: 86-27-86914809 (office), 86-27-86921405 (home)

Cheng Congchun: 86-27-86921593 (work), 86-27-86926133 (home)

Luo Wenfu: 86-27-86921759 (home)

Zeng Jin'an: 86-27-86922666 (home)

Wu Yanfu: 86-27-86925978 (home)

Xiao Yongxin: 86-27-86923387 (home)

Xiao Jianxin: 86-27-86924388 (home)

[Xianning City, Hubei Province] Persecution of Falun Dafa Practitioners in Xianning Hot Spring Economic Development Zone

Chief of Xianning Hot Spring Economic Development Zone Police Department Song Ruisheng, whose telephone number is 86-139-07146566, and section chief of Political Security Section Du Zhiqiang have been engaged in the unjust arrest and sentencing of Falun Dafa practitioners since July 20, 1999. They have committed terrible crimes and received painful retribution. However, they don't have any remorse and continue to lead a group of followers to help the "610 Office" (an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems) to persecute Dafa practitioners. On the night of December 28, 2001, the Police Department of Xianning City launched a well-planned, large-scale arrest of Falun Dafa practitioners and subsequent search of their homes. Authorities also made claims to the public that anyone who reports to the police about practitioners who keep Falun Dafa books and Teacher Li's articles at home will receive a cash reward of 5000 yuan (the average monthly income of an urban worker is 500 yuan).

Dafa practitioners Chen Yiqun and her mother were violently taken into custody by the police from Chalukou Police Station, a subsidiary of Economic Development Zone Police Department. The police searched their home for over three hours and in the end found the book Zhuan Falun, Teacher's articles, and cassette tapes of Falun Gong exercises. On their way out, the police officers stole the motorcycle owned by Chen Yiqun's sibling Chen Weiqun, who was away from home due to police harassment. Chen Yiqun held on to her belief in Falun Dafa and protested against the indecent acts of the police. She and her mother were handcuffed together at the police station. She was on a hunger strike for over 40 days. She experienced severe weight loss and is still in illegal detention at present.

Falun Dafa practitioner Yang Xiaoyong was spotted on the street by a vicious police officer Chen from Chalukou Police Station. Chen approached Yang and claimed that he was looking for Yang. Yang Xiaoyong immediately turned around and walked away. Several policemen rushed out and caught him. They forcibly took him to the Xian'an District Detention Center to be detained. After his detainment, Yang lost consciousness after going on hunger strike for over 30 days. He was force-fed and given injections in the prison. His face was distorted and pale, and his life is in imminent danger. With Yang in such a terrible condition, the police extorted 1000 yuan from his family for medical expenses.

In the Shayang Forced Labor Camp in Hubei Province, Dafa practitioner Fang Jinchao firmly believes in Dafa. He demanded to file an appeal, and for a moment, the wicked police officers agreed to his demand. However, after he had written the letter of appeal, the officers not only forbade him from appealing, but they placed him under around-the-clock strict observation. Police instigated criminals to brutally beat him, which resulted in the deafness of one of his ears.

[Changchun City, Jilin Province] Record of Evil Deeds by Police in Dongfeng Police Station of Jincheng Police Department in Changchun

Cheng Yong, male, is a police officer at Dongfeng Police Station of Jincheng Police Department in Changchun City. Since July 20, 1999, he has been aware that Falun Dafa practitioners are people of the utmost virtue. However, he actively carried out orders from higher authorities and compiled a complete list of Falun Dafa practitioners in his area. These practitioners were abducted and taken to the police station for interrogation one by one. He worked night and day, mentally torturing practitioners. Again and again, he made up lies to withhold practitioners' residential ID cards in order to restrict their personal freedom. Many practitioners have been tailed by Cheng, forced out of their homes and have no place to live. He constantly makes phone calls to practitioners' homes or work units to harass and keep track of practitioners. During sensitive dates, he abducted practitioners from home or work units for illegal detention. He also confiscated the personal property of practitioners without providing any legal reason. Ever since Jincheng Police Department issued its incentive of cash rewards to police officers who send Falun Gong practitioners to prison, Cheng Yong and his associates conspired to send them to detention centers and forced labor camps in exchange for ill-gained money.

Other wicked police officers include Mao Zhixun (former chief of police station, currently the section chief of the residential books section in Jincheng Police Department), Jin Guangyao, Xu Hongwei and Zhang Jinghuai.

Postal address:

Dongfeng Police Station

Dongfeng Avenue

Changchun City, Jilin Province

P. R. China ZIP: 130012

Telephone number: 86-431-5902710, 86-431-5988313

Telephone number of the Residential Books Section of Jincheng Police Department: 86-431-5988302

Telephone number of Jincheng Police Department: 86-431-5904496