A practitioner who is in charge of a truth-clarifying materials production site summed up a few issues related to our xinxing that he found in this Dafa work. We hope our fellow practitioners will find them useful and expound upon them further. Let's encourage each other and together, do a better job.

About Working at Dafa Truth-Clarifying Materials Production Sites

  • Search Inward

Whenever there is a conflict, we need to search inward and solve our own problems before we can ascertain whether or not other practitioners have problems. We should not try to pass judgment upon others before we solve our own problems. After we improve our xinxing, most likely we will have a totally different response to the conflict. So we should not be eager to comment on others' acts. When we hear people talk about our shortcomings, we need to calm down and really look into our own hearts. When we hear people talk about the shortcomings of other truth-clarifying materials sites, we need to acknowledge those shortcomings as our own and search inward. If we can learn from others' mistakes, we will not make the same ones ourselves.

  • Take the Interest of the Fa as a Whole into Account

Everything that we do should be based on the interest of the Fa as a whole. Dafa should be put in the first place. Our own feelings come after that. When we do Dafa work, we should be able to endure any humiliations in order to carry out our responsibilities. We stepped forward in order to to validate the Fa, not to validate ourselves.

  • Be Willing to Work Quietly and Never Show off

We should not pursue any fame, including fame in cultivation. We do not wish for any self-interest, nor should we become overzealous. We should avoid telling other practitioners about our accomplishments. Actually, this has brought many problems to a lot of publishing sites. The work at these sites and other Dafa work are just a part of the body that clarifies the truth to people. We are all common practitioners. We do not need to let other practitioners know what Dafa work we have done unless necessary. Otherwise, it will become a burden for other practitioners. The best way to "ask others to keep it secret" is to not talk to others about it at all. Enjoying no fame would give us nothing to show off and would leave the evil no trace to find us. This is being responsible to ourselves as well as to the Fa.

  • Make High-Quality Materials

We should strive to do high quality work when we edit, format, print or distribute the materials. We need to have a very effective impact on the evil. We shouldn't have an unthinking, automatic attitude. We should go all out to do the best job no matter what kind of Dafa work we are doing. We need to be responsible to other practitioners. What we do should be worthy of being called "Dafa work." Whatever we are working on, we need to do a good job.

  • Solidly Cultivate Ourselves

We should not be attached to trying to get magnificent outcomes. We need to disregard any superficial glory. We are not cultivating something to show to other people. We should be responsible for our true hearts. Only changes made in our hearts are real. This is being responsible to ourselves and to the Fa.

We should focus on improving our work, instead of enjoying our past success. Cultivation is a process to remove our attachments, not a process to accumulate our contributions. If we cannot move our hearts away from looking at our past triumphs, the more work we do, the heavier burden we will carry. Some materials publishing sites encountered trouble or suffered losses as they began to play more and more important roles. This issue is one of the causes of those losses.

  • Pay Attention to Small Things

We should check our xinxing whenever we encounter any problems. Our true thoughts can be revealed better when we encounter small issues, when we think we are right, and when we talk to people with whom we are familiar. A small matter doesn't necessarily mean a trivial attachment in our xinxing cultivation. We can find a big problem in a very small matter. If we can correct ourselves in small matters, the possible bigger tribulations will naturally dissolve and will never happen.

  • Be Proactive

We should contribute not only our efforts, but also our hearts. We all are particles of the Fa. We have no reasons to wait or rely on others. We should take all Dafa work as our own responsibility. When waiting or relying on other practitioners, we are actually transferring the pressure to them. When we have different opinions, we need to approach the problem proactively based on the Fa. We should follow whoever has the best understanding. We should always achieve agreement by reasoning with each other.

  • Strike Forward

Learning the Fa, practicing the exercises, and sending forth righteous thoughts are essential for doing a good job on Dafa work; we should never slack off.

  • Be Rational

We shouldn't do things out of emotional reasons. We need to judge things based on the Fa. We should recognize the principles in the Fa instead of human mentality. Of course, we should keep a compassionate and peaceful heart. When we encounter any problems, we should calm down. We shouldn't be emotional, as emotions and feelings are not facts; they are not Fa principles either. We shouldn't cultivate according to our feelings.

We should judge everything using Fa. Fa is harmonious. We need to step back and look at the problems as a whole. Only this way can we avoid extremes and take the middle way.

  • Do Not be Attached to a Human Mentality or Superficial Manifestations

With regard to the issue of human mentality, we are cultivating together instead of making friends and living our lives together. We should not pursue the ordinary people's harmonious relationships. We should not degenerate the true cultivation environment. Harmonious relationships among practitioners are established through our cultivation, and do not arise from living ordinary people's lives.

With regard to the issue of manifestations, we shouldn't pay more attention to manifestations than to true cultivation. Intentionally or unintentionally thinking one way and acting another is cheating. No one else will be deceived except ourselves. Thinking and acting in one and the same way and showing the good manifestations of our hearts is the best.

With regard to the issue of demonstrating "we have no fear," we shouldn't get attached to showing others that we have no fear. More importantly, we shouldn't take the risk of causing damage to the Fa or to other practitioners just to prove that we don't have fear. That is being irresponsible to the Fa and to ourselves. We shouldn't take Dafa work as a bet in our individual cultivation. "Without fear" does not refer to being irresponsible. "Without fear" does not mean we don't care about security issues.